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(1) Michael Herzfeld "Professional Approaches to Publishing Academic Work" (7 March 2018)

Tips for Academic Paper Revision


Three Tips for Academic Publication


Write a Lot and Not Burn Out


Shelf Life of Field Data

(2) Jermaine Gordon "When the Sun Sets in the Land of the Rising Sun: Sexual Behavior and Psychoanalytic Theory in Japan" (9 February 2018)

Why study sexual behavior?


On the Japanese understanding of obligation and indebtedness


Sexual hearsay and sexual knowledge


Japanese understanding of virginity

(3) Miriam Stark "Imagining Angkor: Politics, Myths, and Archaeology" (17 October 2016)

Imagining Angkor: Politics, Myths, and Archaeology


One-Day Workshop with Prof. Miriam Stark (Part I)


One-Day Workshop with Prof. Miriam Stark (Part II)