Our BA programme in Music is designed to enable the students to learn and grow intellectually and socially in a tertiary setting. The curriculum encourages the development of creativity and critical thinking through the performance of Western and non-Western instruments as well as the study of music from analytical, historical, and ethnomusicological perspectives. Composition and music information technology also complement these areas of study.

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Desired Learning Outcomes

Creating opportunities for students to explore different kinds of music is one of the fundamental strengths of the CUHK Music Department. On completion of the programme, the student is able to:

  • Possess fundamental and interdisciplinary knowledge of music, including music theory, contextual study of music, performance on a major instrument, and multiple musical traditions.
  • Acquire transferable and professional skills including (i) ability to work independently and in groups, (ii) express oneselve about music in written and spoken English and Chinese, (iii) think creatively and critically, (iv) make evidence-based critical judgements about musical performance, composition, and musical culture, and (v) perform at an appropriate professional level on their major instrument.
  • Develop an open mindset towards different modes of musical expression, passion for communicating through music, awareness of and appreciation for the significance of music within various societies.

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