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Call for papers


The East Asian Anthropological Association is a scholarly association of teachers and students of anthropology based in East Asia and engaged in anthropological work on East Asia. It has its conferences in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan in recent years. Its upcoming meeting will be in Hong Kong 14-16 October 2017. We hope that you will propose a panel or an individual paper for this conference. You do not need to be a member of EAAA at present in order to submit a panel or paper; you become a member automatically by attending this conference.


Please fill out a EAAA panel proposal or EAAA individual paper proposal, which will require an abstract from you in English. (We regret making English the conference’s language, but because of the prohibitive expense of hiring simultaneous translators, this is necessary.) You can submit either a panel proposal, which should have 3-6 participants speaking on a common topic, or an individual paper proposal, which is your paper alone. Individual paper proposals we will subsequently organize into panels. Individuals may present one paper and be a discussant for one panel, but no more than one paper can be presented per participant. Submitted panels have a somewhat better chance of being accepted for the conference than individual papers. Panels that cross national boundaries rather than only dealing with one society are preferred, but we realize that such panels may not always be possible.

Please complete the online proposal forms on or before 1 May 2017. If you cannot access the online forms, you can download the word file of the forms (panel proposal / individual proposal) and send it to eaaa.hk.2017@gmail.com by the same deadline. The program committee will make its decisions on the week of 15 May, and will then send out acceptance notices, conference registration forms, and payment instructions to all participants.