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Multiculturalism in Action: Indian Culture Workshop 2013-2014

Organized by Professor Siumi Maria Tam, this workshop served as an initiative to promote understanding of Indian culture as part of Hong Kong's local heritage. The seminars together with field visits granted participants a great opportunity to learn the meanings and significance of Indian religions, the family, and daily practices. More...


Tracey L-D LU


Field Study Tour Exhibition 2013: Inheritors

Based on the Spring Field Trip led by Prof. Sidney Cheung in Nagoya, Japan, students of Anthropology Department further conducted their research this summer on the subject of "Inheritors", to explore the preservation and transmission of traditional culture in Hong Kong. From 23 September to 4 October 2013, a field study tour exhibition was organized at Hui Gallery, displaying their Summer Field Study, which covers 19 different projects varying from food to traditional art and handicrafts. More…

Tracey L-D LU

Museums in China:
Power, Politics and Identities


Siumi Maria TAM,

Danning WANG

Gender and Family in East Asia

The deadline for the MPhil/PhD Programme application is 31 January 2014. If you know anyone interested in anthropology, please spread the words. Thanks!




Summer Field Trip to Turkey

In the summer 2013, Prof. HUANG Yu led a field trip to Turkey with 12 students. Besides famous sites and historical heritage, the group also visited charity organizations, schools, TV stations and residences where students had the opportunities to hold discussions with local people. More...


Orientation Camp for Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students 2013-2014

In 2013-14, the Department admitted a total 34 undergraduate students, including local, non-local and transfer-in students. The Department Orientation Camp for newly admitted students was held in August 2013, involving not only team-building activities, but also a special cultural activity, a visit to the Wanchai Mosque. More...


Summer Internship Reflections 2013

In 2013, the Department secured 8 summer internship opportunities for students – 3 overseas and 5 local.  Students who have participated have written to share their experience as interns. More...


Students Volunteered in Heritage Fiesta 2013

From 1 September to 31 October 2013, eight undergraduate students of the Department volunteered in guiding tours of heritage sites in the "Heritage Fiesta 2013" organized by the Development Bureau. More…


Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions

On 12 October 2013, the Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions was held on campus. Professors and students of the Department all helped in introducing the anthropology programme and answering questions from the visitors. More...


Alumni Updates


Loretta TAM (Ph.D. '13) currently works as a business anthropologist and runs her own consulting practice. An anthropological linguist and language teacher by training, she offers with her team a range of specialized services including localization, corporate communication training, verbal branding, cultural consulting, and forensic linguistics advice.  Loretta devotes her leisure time to youth development work, serving as a part-time instructor with HKU's NCS-SSP Chinese Language Program and a business volunteer at Junior Achievement Hong Kong. (contact email: rettatam "at"

LUO Jiting (M.Phil. '12) is now working in the Institute of Future Cities in CUHK as an executive officer. "My experience in the Anthropology Department leads me to a deeper understanding of Hong Kong since the anthropological research digs into the root of people's life. I'm grateful that it shows me a very colourful picture of the local communities." Luo had worked with Prof. Sidney Cheung on the project of the trade and its inheritance in Sheung Wan and contributed in the book Sheung Wan. (contact email: jtluo "at"


Eric CHENG Siu Kei (BSSC '06) is in his third year of the PhD programme in Anthropology at the University of Calgary. After the candidacy exam, he will begin his fieldwork in January 2014 in Chiayi, Taiwan. The title of his project is "Selling Seafood across the Strait: Taiwanese Fish-farmers, Trade Governance and Sustainability." Before entering the Ph.D. program, he wrote a master thesis about the emergence of organic food community in Hong Kong and worked as a research assistant in the South China Research Center (both in the HKUST). (contact email: chengsk "at"

Gloria TSANG Ching Yi (B.A. '11 and M.Phil. '13) is currently working in the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) of the CUHK Jockey Club Initiative Gaia. Her undergraduate summer museum internship experiences in Australia and Britain and her M.Phil. research investigating a community museum in Hong Kong equipped her with the knowledge necessary for working in a museum. "I am grateful that the Department granted me the internship opportunities and supported my museum research. My present job combines my study and interests." As the MoCC is a new museum on 8/F of YIA at the CUHK that will open in December 2013, she is now busy managing the exhibits and preparing for the museum opening. To know more about her work, please go to the MoCC website. (contact email: gloriatsang "at"


XUE Cheng (M.Phil. '13) is now a project officer of One Foundation, and is currently working on disaster reduction programs in west China. He used to work in NGOs in China before studying in Hong Kong. "Anthropological knowledge has strengthened my capacity in understanding the target population as well as the bigger picture of the NGO industry. I really enjoy discussing with colleagues about field methods and social theories. This is the best place to apply anthropology into real life." (contact email: calvinxue "at"

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