Prof. Gordon Mathews's book Ghetto at the Center of the World: Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong has been translated into Chinese by our alumna Nicole Yang, which was recently published as 《世界中心的貧民窟:香港重慶大廈》. It has become one of the best sellers in Hong Kong. About the book…

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Prof. Gordon Mathews and Prof. Sea-ling Cheng joined hundreds of asylum seekers and torture claimants protesting against what is deemed unjust screening procedures of UNHCR and the government. Prof Mathews diagnoses the problems of the current system in the article Open and Shut Cases, written for South China Morning Post. More…

Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Foodways and Heritage were published. Some complimentary copies are available at the Department now. If you want to get one, please email to




Field Trip: Cultural Inheritors of Japan

In late March, the cherry blossom season, Prof. Sidney Cheung led a group of 20 students to Nagoya, Japan to learn about the preservation of traditional Japanese culture, in particular, the role of cultural inheritors. Our student Allie Kwong shares her experiences of the trip. More…


Friday Seminar Series

The department invites renowned and emerging scholars to deliver lectures on a wide range of anthropological topics. The seminars are open to the public and you are welcome to join. You can find information of the upcoming seminars or read reviews of the previous ones under the tag "seminar" on our blog.


Postgraduate Student Forum

The department has successfully held the 5th Annual Postgraduate Student Forum in January. For the past few years, students from Harvard, Columbia University, LSE, SOAS, and many other renowned anthropology programmes presented their research in the Forum. More…


Call for Papers: The 6th Annual CUHK Anthropology Postgraduate Student Forum
Asia in the World: New Horizons in Asian AnthropologyNew Anthropology

As Asia continues to become a major actor on the world stage, this year's forum hopes to explore the vast range of diversity in cultures and languages that are represented by over 4.3 billion people in a land mass that covers almost 1/3 of the earth’s land surface. The Department of Anthropology and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, invites graduate students in Asia and elsewhere to present their current research at the Postgraduate Student Forum on 17-18 Jan 2014. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 October 2013. For more information, please visit




Alumni Updates


ZHU Jiangang (Ph.D. 2002) is now a professor of Anthropology in the School of Sociology and Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University. Most of his research focuses on civil society and philanthropy in China. He founded the Institute for Civil Society (ICS) at the Sun Yat-sen University in 2003 and was also one of the co-founders of the Guangdong Harmony Foundation (GHF) in 2009. In April 2011, ZHU established the Center on Philanthropy (COP) in SYSU, and now he is the executive Dean of the newly updated School of Philanthropic Studies (SOP), SYSU. His recent book is Between State and Families . (contact email: zhujg"at"

ZHU Yujing (Ph.D. '11) is now an assistant professor of anthropology at East China Normal University (Shanghai). "I am so glad that more and more students are becoming interested in anthropology. My colleagues and I attempt to deliver anthropology not as a kind of exotic experience , but as a way of for students to think about their future. My new project is about the relationship between folk finance and morality. " (contact email: jachiezhu"at"


YANG Yang (B.A. '09 and M.Phil. '11) is currently working in AECOM as assistant environmental consultant. " I enjoy doing fieldwork in whatever career I choose. Neither the industry nor the company defines you unless you let it. To combine study and work gives a more 'holistic' understanding to life." Outside work, she continues her past research on African traders in Guangzhou with Prof. Gordon Mathews. She has published a chapter in the edited volume Economic Globalization From Below and China-Africa: Merging Relations. She also translated Gordon's book Ghetto at the Center of the World into Chinese, which was published in early 2013. (contact email: bonicole"at"

TSUI Cheuk Yin (BSSC '95 and M.Phil '97) is an author and has written over 20 books. His novel “The Cantonese Opera Murders”(《神功戲殺人事件》) just won the second prize of the 10th Dr Book Chart (書叢榜)in 2012-2013.  This novel was inspired by his knowledge of Anthropology which has successfully drawn the young readers’ attention and stimulated their reading interests.  In addition, he also teaches writing skills and about publishing to teenagers.


TAN Xilin (M.Phil. '11) has worked as a journalist for Southern Metropolis Daily, Nanfang Media Group. Two of her reports were nominated for Nandu News Award (2012). "Anthropology has really broadened my insights, which has helped my reporting . It has also taught me how to deal with different people. Both in work and in life, anthropology has colored my world. " (contact email: tanxilin"at"

Chris LIN Ge (MA '10) After graduation he joined the Bank of East Asia as Management Trainee, and now holds the title of Officer, Asset & Liability Management. "Being able to see through the politics and understand how some people make strategic friends, play victim, and join the club is, perhaps, the most valuable corporate survival skill." (contact email: chrislin0703"at"

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