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Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.A.) (Part-time)

A Platform for Learning Studio Art as a Higher Degree

The Master of Arts Programme in Fine Arts aims to provide a platform for the development of individual art practices. With their knowledge and experience, the teaching staff will provide support to student peer groups and, through facilitating critical debate as well as offering practical help and advice, encourage the development of personal projects. The programme is made up of components in Art History, Culture Theory and Studio. It will help students to define or reconfigure their art projects and to equip them with the critical tools and practical skills necessary for an advanced professional practice.

This Programme strives to help students:
Studio Art
– form their personal artistic visions and approaches, with their technique further polished through critique, practice and other activities.
Theories and History with Special Reference to Contemporary Issues
– have a good grasp of how the latest artistic trends and approaches interact with social developments and technologies.
– explore and make use of resources and possibilities presented by Chinese art and culture, both traditional and contemporary.
– understand how art forms an integral part of contemporary culture and how art can be approached from a multi-disciplinary and holistic perspective.
– be equipped with knowledge of curatorship, art management, communication skills, art market and so on in order to thrive as art professionals capable of performing multiple roles.

Fields of Specialization
Focus will be put to practice of Contemporary Art; fields of specialization include painting, sculpture, mixed media, Chinese painting and calligraphy.

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum
  • Courses
  • Admission
  • Fees and Funding
  • FAQ
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  • Curriculum

    Required to complete a minimum of 27 units of courses and pass the graduation project for graduation, normally within two years for this part-time programme.

    Focus will be put to practice of Contemporary Art; areas of specialization include painting, sculpture, mixed media, modern Chinese painting and calligraphy.

    A student shall follow a programme of study for not less than two years of part-time study, and shall complete the requirements for the degree within the maximum study period.

    Pass in all subjects and graduation project.
    *Graduation project includes an artist statement and a graduation exhibition in respective area of specialization.

  • Courses

    • FAAS 5301
      Contemporary Art

      The goal of this course is to explore Western art from approximately 1945 to the mid-1990s and especially the shift from a modernist to a postmodern culture, as well as how artists have endeavored to address a new era characterized by globalization and consumerism.  In parallel, this course will also trace the development of Chinese art during the 20th century.  Special attention will be paid to Chinese artist’s response to the political turmoil and cultural changes of the last fifty years.

    • FAAS 5302
      Chinese Art

      3 Units

      This course aims at providing students with a theoretical foundation necessary for their artistic creation through analyzing Chinese traditional art theories and their characteristics based on textual materials and works of art. The development and evolution of Chinese art concepts under Western influences during the twentieth century will also be examined.

    • FAAS 5303
      Special Topics in Studio Art

      3 Units

      This course is designed to timely address special issues in visual arts, to provide students with opportunities for in-depth studies with specialists/teachers familiar with current art practices that are normally not covered by our undergraduate curriculum. Topics may include curatorship, art management, cultural policy, public art and/or various studio art workshops or projects.

    • FAAS 5304
      Creative Workshop

      This course is designed to help students refine their skills and consolidate their knowledge in artistic creation.  Besides artistic development on an indlvidual basis, students will be encouraged to carry out independent research in their chosen medium or topic through seminars and critiques.  As and when appropriate, the course will be divided into sections to accommodate the different needs of indlvidual students.  (Students are required to register for the course for the first three terms)

    • FAAS 5305
      Seminars in Cultural Theory and Criticism

      3 Units

      This course consists in the survey and consideration of the place and displacement of critical practices in the interpretation and evaluation of culture. Theories, paradigms and contemporary debates in anthropology and cultural studies will be examined.

    • FAAS 5307
      Representation, Power and Culture

      3 Units

      This course will examine and mobilize theories of representation and identity politics in response to issues in contemporary art and everyday cultures. Topics include representation and sexual differences, “Otherness”, visuality, documentary paradigm, sound and auditory studies, culture in the public sphere, taste and its meaning, monumentality and utopianism, postcoloniality, etc.

    • CULS 5307
      Visual Arts Administration

      #Co-listing elective courses offered by the MA programme in Cultural Management. CUHK#

      The course aims at providing students with the professional knowledge and technical skills in some of the key areas of visual arts administration, including project planning and actualization, fundraising, marketing, community outreaching, education programming and other training that are essential for the professional operation of various types of visual arts spaces. The course also includes critical reviews of the practices of visual arts management, and explores new possibilities in the creative presentation of cultural programmes.

    • FAAS 5309
      Graduation Workshop

      6 Units

      This course aims at preparing students with necessary skill and tools to understand their own strength and weakness, thus to cope with the challenge of graduation project. Special attention will be given to developing individual beliefs in art, research method and technique, and presentation skill. As and when appropriate, students will also be divided into a few groups and supervised by tutors / specialists of different art practices.

  • Admission

    Application Requirements

    1. graduated from a recognized university and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline;

    2. fulfill the “English Language Proficiency Requirement” prescribed by the Graduate School before they are admitted. Please visit for details;

    3. have relevant art experience is preferable; and

    4. may be invited for an interview

    Application Procedure

    Applicants may submit their applications online at the Graduate School website. All required supporting documents should be submitted in Hardcopy to the office of Division of Fine Arts before the application deadline.
    The required supporting documents include:
    1. Submit Online Application Form(
    2. A written statement (no less than 1,000 words) explaining the purpose of their application and the focus of their academic interests:
    3. A portfolio of 15 images of original works of art (digital format / photographs)
    4. Copies of Degree Certificates;
    5. Documents showing the applicant has fulfilled the Graduate School’s English Language Proficiency Requirement#
    6. Copies of identity card or passport;
    7. Official Transcripts from the University attended by applicants*
    8. Confidential Recommendations from Two referees respectively*

    * Official Transcripts and Confidential Recommendation must reach the Office of the Division of Fine Arts directly from the University and referees.  The referees may submit the Confidential Recommendations via internet.

    # For TOFEL / IELTS, only the original valid official score report sent directly from the respective test organization to the University will be accepted. Original examinee’s score report will not be accepted.

  • Fees and Funding

    Tuition fee:

    HK$63,000 per annum (Subject to University approval)

  • FAQ

    • What are the entry requirements for postgraduate programmes in CUHK?

      For entry requirements set by the CUHK Graduate School, the best source of information is the Graduate School website.

    • When is the application deadline?

      The application is open from November to February every year. For the exact date of any particular year, please refer to the Graduate School website.

    • What is the difference between research postgraduate and taught postgraduate programmes?

      The CUHK’s research programmes focus mainly on research work and require applicants to have sound research background. Students need to submit a thesis, pass the oral defense in order to graduate. As for Taught programmes, in contrast, focus on coursework. These programmes generally do not require students to submit a thesis.

    • What is the difference between Master of Fine Art Program (M.F.A.) and Master of Arts in Fine Arts (Part-time) Programme (M.A. in Fine Arts)?
        M.F.A. M.A. in Fine Arts
      Programme Research Postgraduate Taught Postgraduate
      Study Mode Full Time Part Time
      Study Year 2 2
      Teaching Classroom teaching and thesis research Classroom teaching
      Timetable Flexible

      (It depends on the number of courses which a student takes)

      Twice a week (1 week-day evening and 1 week-end afternoon)
      Tuition Fee (provisional) HKD 42,100.00 (per year) HKD 63,000.00 (per year)
      Graduation Requirement – Submitting a written thesis, in relation to the student’s work of art, supported by the reproductions of his/her original art work. – Holding a graduation exhibition in his/her area of study. – Passing in both the creative project and written thesis. – Passing an oral examination –       Pass in all subjects and graduation project*

      * Graduation project includes an artist statement and a graduation exhibition in respective area of specialization.3

    • I am from a non-English-speaking country. Am I required to present any proof of English proficiency?

      Please see the Graduate School website for details of English Language Proficiency Requirement.