Research Centres and Laboratories

Four research centres affiliated under the Faculty of Arts:


  1. Centre for Chinese Classical Learningcccl logo


    With the generous donation of HK$10 million from the Fung Sun Kwan Chinese Arts Foundation, the Chinese University of Hong Kong has established the new Centre for Chinese Classical Learning (the Centre) under the Faculty of Arts. The donation will be used to support the operation of the Centre in the first five years and for the promotion of Chinese classical learning and traditional Chinese values and virtues. The Centre, which was established in March 2015, is an important education hub for promoting the beauty of traditional Chinese culture and virtues, and facilitating whole-person development of students.


    The Centre will regularly organize lectures and seminars on Chinese culture, and offer credit-bearing General Education courses for students. To promote Chinese classical learning to a wider population, the Centre will also launch recreational and cultural activities and programmes related to Chinese classics and traditional values in collaboration with different organizations.


    Please visit the Centre's website for information.


  2. Centre for the Study of Humanistic BuddhismFA


    In 2004, CUHK and the Foguang Shan Foundation for Buddhist Culture reached an agreement of cooperation to establish the Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism (the Centre). The Centre was originally established under the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies and was officially affiliated under the Faculty of Arts since August 2014.


    The Centre aims at promoting Buddhist education and academic researches of Humanistic Buddhism and nourishing Buddhist scholars. Over the years, the Centre has organized several international conferences and published several volumes of academic journals. These contributions win a good reputation among the academic and Buddhist circles.


    Please visit the Centre's website for information.



  3. Centre for the Study of Religious Ethics and Chinese Culturecsrecc web


    The centre is jointly established by Guangdong Zhongbo Academy of Buddhist Cultural Propagation and the Chinese University of Hong Kong under the Faculty of Arts, as a unique hub for conducting comparative and multidisciplinary research on ethical issues related to the religions in Chinese context.

    The centre’s major activities include conducting research projects on relevant issues, organizing international conference on particular ethical issues and arranging open lectures for the general public. These activities aim to strengthen collaboration between religious and academic circles, and to promote research on religious ethics and Chinese culture.


    Please visit the Centre's website for information.



  4. CUHK-BLCU Joint Research Centre for Chinese Linguistics and Applied Linguistics CUHK BLCU Joint Research Centre


    The centre is jointly established by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). The mission of the Center is to develop further the newly established stylistic-register grammar, prosodic grammar and Trinitarian grammar in linguistics and to apply linguistic theorems and methods into Chinese language teaching not only for L2 learners but also for first language learners.


    A wide range of activities and research will be organized by the Centre, including exchange of scholars, student exchanges, collaborative research, exchange of academic materials.


    Please visit the Centre's website for information.

  5. Research Institute for the Humanitiesrih logo


    Established in 1991, the Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH) fosters exchanges and collaborations across and between institutions in humanities research. The RIH comprises seven research centres, providing a platform for cross-disciplinary studies, teaching and research of history, philosophy, cultures, religions and human values.



Each department under the Faculty of Arts has also established its own research centres and laboratories:


Department of Anthropology

  1. Centre for Cultural Heritage Studies
FA 10


Department of Chinese Language and Literature

  1. Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre
Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre
  1. Hong Kong Literature Research Centre
FA 1
  1. Research Centre for Cantonese
Research Centre for Cantonese
  1. Research Centre for Classical Chinese Poetics
poetics logo rr


Department of Cultural and Religious Studies

  1. Centre for Catholic Studies
FA 2
  1. Centre for Christian Studies
FA 3
  1. Centre for Cultural Studies
FA 4
  1. Centre for Quality-Life Education
  1. Centre for the Study of Chan Buddhism and Human Civilization
  1. Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture
  1. Resource Centre for Contemporary Christian Studies
  1. Shantou University-The Chinese University of Hong Kong Joint Centre for Christian Studies


Department of English

  1. English Research Laboratory
  1. Research Centre for Human Values
FA 5


Department of History

  1. Centre for Chinese History
FA 6
  1. Centre for Comparative and Public History


Department of Japanese Studies

  1. Research Centre for Comparative Japanese Studies


Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages

  1. Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies
FA 7
  1. Childhood Bilingualism Research Centre
FA 8
  1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong– Utrecht University Joint Centre for Language, Mind and Brain
  1. Language Acquisition Laboratory
  1. Language and Cognition Laboratory
  1. Laboratory for Language, Learning and the Brain


Department of Music

  1. Centre for Chinese Music Studies


Department of Philosophy

  1. Archive for Phenomenology and Contemporary Philosophy
FA 11
  1. Research Centre for Chinese Philosophy and Culture
FA 12


Department of Translation

  1. Centre for Translation Technology