Intercultural Hong Kong Series

Intercultural Hong Kong Series

Intercultural Mums Classroom

In summer 2017, an interethnic program entitled ICONIC Mums Program was launched by the Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA). A group of 30 Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Nepali, and Pakistani mums gained intercultural experiences and developed interethnic friendships through a series of self-exploration and self-expression workshops. Afterwards they applied their newly acquired worldviews and skills in designing and organizing community projects which brought social innovation to their neighborhoods.

A series of documentaries on the Program has been produced. They summarize the content and activities of the Program, and show that individuals are all agents and partners of change irrespective of ethnicity.


Intercultural Mums Classroom (I): Learning a Healthy Lifestyle


Intercultural Mums Classroom (II): Learning to Know and Accept Ourselves


Intercultural Mums Classroom (III): Building our Ideal Community


Intercultural Mums Classroom (IV): Plan • Action • Community


Intercultural Mums Classroom (V): Our Journeys