About the Faculty Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts was established in 1963. In the course of its over half a century of service, the Faculty has periodically examined its mission and vision, to be constructively engaged in the community and the world. The Faculty prides itself on the illustrious scholastic tradition it has inherited from the founding educators including Chien Mu, Tang Chun-I, Mou Zhong-san and Mou Run-sun, as well as the unique role it plays in fostering the University's goal of integrating tradition with modernity and bringing together China and the West.

The Faculty, comprising 11 departments, 16 major programmes and 2 language centers, is well-positioned to attract a diverse and passionate faculty and students who are delighted in sustaining our finely-honed traditions of learning, teaching and research.

World-renowned scholars have joined our welcoming intellectual community, including Professor David Faure, Professor Leung Yuen Sang, Professor Simon Haines, Professor Leo Lee Ou-fan, Professor Pai Hsien-yung, Professor Poo Mu-chou and Professor Bei Dao (Zhao Zhen-kai). In addition, energized and emerging scholars continue to embrace our dedication to academic rigor and creativity. The Faculty strives to nurture our graduates and students to quest for knowledge in the humanities in order to address both practical and theoretical problems of the future.