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The 10th annual Postgraduate Student Forum is held by Department of Anthropology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Established in 1980, this department has developed as an internationally recognized centre for the study of culture and identity, especially issues of ethnic, regional, and national identity accompanying the dramatic economic development of South China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and East and Southeast Asia.

Every year since 2008-09, the Department of Anthropology has invited postgraduate students from Asia and elsewhere to present their current research at the Postgraduate Student Forum. The Forum is held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is intended to showcase the best of students’ contemporary research.

Hong Kong is a global city, a major node for trade, investment, and the exchange of ideas. The Postgraduate Student Forum seeks to encourage the communication among young anthropologists in and of the East and Southeast Asian region, to help improve their research and to make the excellent research being conducted in Asia to be better known internationally.