Aiming at establishing an international academic community in Chinese L2 teaching, JRCCLAL adopts a new model of linguistic-research guided L2 teaching to promote Chinese L2 teaching (including L1) based on modern linguistics and L2 acquisition theories. Under this framework, the Centre explores different questions in L2 teaching, promotes research on both theoretical and practical issues in Chinese teaching and related linguistic fields, strengthens the understanding in the Chinese L2 teaching system and related norms, raises the quality in current L2 teaching and research, establishes its own disciplinary standards and evaluation system of the subject; meanwhile, the Centre also provides directive theories and practical pedagogies for Chinese teaching.

JRCCLAL will endeavor to construct new systems/ models, by capitalizing on the results from the following fields:(1) the research, teaching and application of formal written registers; (2) the research, teaching and application of stylistic-register grammar; (3) the research, teaching and application of prosodic grammar; and (4) the development and application of computer automatic grading system and identification of different stylistic-registers, establishment of new classroom teaching models/ new classroom pedagogies (such as the Two Dimensional Glossaries between Form and Function功能-形式雙解法),explanation and annotation in stylistic-register grammar (i.e. the understanding, identification and application of “diglossia”), drills in transformation of different registers, teacher training and textbook compilation. The Centre will provide new theories (L2 register pedagogic theory) and new methods (such as trinitarian grammatical pedagogy) for Chinese L2 (including L1) teaching.