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B.A. (Chicago); M.St, D.Phil (Oxon)

姚進莊教授現任文物館館長。他在芝加哥大學取得藝術史學士學位後,於牛津大學完成了博士學位。由2006至2013年,他在西雅圖博物館任中國藝術部主任。作為一位明清至近現代的中國藝術學者,他的著作包括:Writing Modern Chinese Art: Historiographic Explorations(西雅圖:華盛頓大學出版社,2009)及蓋蒂基金會贊助在線圖錄Remembering Days Gone By: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Seattle Art Museum Collection。他曾任教及演講於多間大學,包括華盛頓大學及西雅圖大學。

  • 主要著作


    1. A Fuller View of China: Chinese Art at the Seattle Art Museum. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2014.
    2. (主編)《殊塗同歸:香港中文大學與英國牛津大學所藏高劍父、呂壽琨作品展》。香港:香港中文大學,2013。
    3. (Project Director and Co-editor) Uncover the Past: Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Seattle Art Museum (
    4. (Ed.) Writing Modern Chinese Art. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2009.


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  • 策展

    1. 《殊塗同歸:香港中文大學與英國牛津大學所藏高劍父、呂壽琨作品展》。香港中文大學、牛津大學合辦,香港中文大學文物館,香港,12-05.2014。
    2. Wang Huaiqing: A Painter’s Painter in Contemporary China. Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, November – April 2011.
    3. New Old and New New: Recent Acquisitions of Asian Art, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, December 2009 – 2011.
    4. Enduring Affinity: Chinese Jades and Celadons, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, June 2009 – 2014.
    5. Of Nature and Friendship: Modern Chinese Painting from the Khoan and Michael Sullivan Collection, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, February – July 2007.
  • 研討會

    1. “Collaborations with Long-term Impact.” Presented in “Forum for Chinese Art Curators”, British Museum, December 2014.
    2. “The Politics of Incense Offering and the Rise of the Archaistic Censer.” Presented in “Middle Period Conference”, Harvard University, June 2014.
    3. (主持)「近代人物傳記及數據庫建設」學術研討會,當代香港中文大學中國文化研究中心主辦,中國文化研究所,05.2014。
  • 獎項與榮譽

    1. Gold Muse Award for Online Presence, the American Alliance of Museums, 2014.
    2. Leadership in Arts Management—J. Paul Getty Foundation, 2011.
    3. PhD. Fellowship—Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation of International Scholarly Exchange, 2004-2005.
    4. Somerville Senior Scholar in the Arts and Humanities, University of Oxford, 2003-2005.
    5. Visiting Scholar, East Asian Library, Princeton University, 2003.
    6. Best B.A. Thesis in Art History, The University of Chicago, 2000