Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook

Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook (Yearbook) was launched in 2000. Bilingual in Chinese and English, it is the most comprehensive annalistic tool book for Hong Kong Visual Arts, with the aid of photos.

The Yearbook is composed of two sections, “Essays” and “Chronicles”. The former is made up of essays by academic experts who draw comprehensive commentaries while focusing on selective local visual arts events; while the latter gathers and catalogues all types of visual arts events of the year. One is subjective observation and analysis on a broad scope, while the other is microscopic listing of objective data; both are interdependent on as well as complementary to each other.

In 2021, Department of Fine Arts, CUHK authorized CUHK Library to host the Yearbook in CUHK Digital Repository for preservation and the Collection is officially launched in March 2022.


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