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B.A. (NCCU); M.A. (NCU); Ph.D. (UCLA)


  • 主要著作


    1. (圖版解說)《明畫全集》。浙江大學中國古代書畫研究中心(即將出版。六件香港中文大學文物館藏品解說)
    2. (副主編,圖錄專文、解說撰寫)莫家良主編,《北山汲古──中國繪畫》。香港香港中文大學藝術系、文物館,2019,頁 16-21,316-232,圖1、2、3、4、5、6、7、9、10、11、12、16、22、24、27、28、30、31、35、40、46、47、50、61、62、63、64、65、66、67、68、69、78、95、96、98、110、111、112、113。
    3. (Catalogue entries) The Artful Recluse: Painting, Poetry, and Politics in Seventeenth-Century China, edited by Peter Sturman and Susan Tai. Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 2012, cats 9, 32, 55.
  • 研討會

    1. 〈香港中文大學文物館藏的項聖謨作品〉與〈明代慶壽神仙人物畫〉,發表於「北山汲古——中國繪畫專題演討會」,香港中文大學文物館主辦,19/10/2019。
    2. “Invitation to Reclusion: Xiang Shengmo (1597-1658) and His Art beyond the Ming-Qing Transition.” Paper presented in the panel “Confronting Displacement: Responses to War, Violence, and Trauma in Premodern China” in the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference at Denver, 21/3-24/3/2019.
    3. “Transformation and Appropriation of Woodcut Illustrated Daoist and Buddhist Figures in the Late-Imperial Period.” Paper presented in the panel “Cross-Cuts: New Approaches to Religious Blockprints in China and Beyond, 11th-17th Centuries” in the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference at Seattle, 31/3-3/4/2016.
    4. “Court Art from the Marketplace: Reconstructing the Pattern of Court Patronage in the Late Ming Period.” Paper presented in the panel “Money Matters: The Art Market in Late Imperial and Modern China” in the College Art Association Annual Conference at New York City, 11/2-14/2/2015.
  • 講座

    1. 〈萬曆時期(1573-1620)明代宮廷繪畫的復興〉。「藝術史午餐聚會」,香港中文大學藝術系與文物館聯合主辦講座,2/2/2018。
    2. “The Two Empress Dowager Cisheng’s Buddhist Paintings in the Met’s Collection and Cisheng’s Patronage Strategy.” Paper presented in the Spring Fellows Colloquia organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 4/3/2016.
  • 展覽