Contextual Drawing-Half Innocence (2013)


TAM Wai Ping, Lukas




A Big Banyan Tree, Sending Postcards from Hongkong, Dripping (three set of artworks)


am space


am space, Hong Kong

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Confronting history with a sense of innocence, Tam re-presents history with used objects, images and texts, outlining a history that did not and could not exist. Doubting the authenticity of history, man surrenders to a cycle of ‘half-innocence’, thus responding to the outside world with a degree of helplessness.

But what is the inner state of mind of man? Life begins in a state of innocence that man strives to shake off, only to reach a half-innocence state later. Perhaps man does not care for the essence of things, one simply indulges in the world of the carefree, searching for some kind of outlet, and a choice of not having to choose. Tam contemplates the origin of life, attempts to be close to Nature, and seeks the home of the inner being. He says, “The emphasis is to be close to the essence of things, and Drawing can reflect such a state of being.”