Most students at the Department of Music participate in ensembles as part of their musical studies. This gives students the opportunities to explore an expansive range of musical styles and genres in a diversity of faculty-led ensembles. Over thirty ensembles are formed each year, and all complete a program of study that involves weekly rehearsals, coachings, masterclasses, and public performances in our main performance venue Lee Hysan Concert Hall, one of the best acoustic halls in Asia. 

African Drumming
Chinese Music Ensemble

This course provides practical study of various Chinese instrumental genres from different regions of China, as well as modern arrangements and new compositions for Chinese instruments.

Chung Chi Choir

Founded in 1960, the Chung Chi Choir consists mainly of students from the Music Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The aims of the Choir are to offer choral training and performance experience to its members, as well as to introduce and promote contemporary choral music and repertoire unfamiliar to local audience.

Chung Chi Orchestra

The CUHK Chung Chi Orchestra, formerly known as The Chinese University Orchestra, was founded in 1983 with the aim of promoting interest in music within the campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and providing a high standard orchestral training to young musicians. The Orchestra changed its name to CUHK Chung Chi Orchestra in September 2001 and is supported by the Chung Chi College. Members of the Orchestra come from the Music Department as well as other Colleges of the University, and also music lovers from other tertiary institutes.

Chung Chi Wind Orchestra

Chung Chi Wind Orchestra was established in 2008. Its 70 core members comprised of undergraduate students and alumni of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Orchestra is conducted by its music director Lo Hau-man and Leung Chi-shing. It presents a diverse repertoire of wind ensemble masterworks and more contemporary compositions. 

Early Music Ensemble

The Music Department houses a fine working collection of replicas of early European musical instruments ranging from the Medieval through the Baroque and early Classical eras. The instruments are used regularly by students for solo and ensemble rehearsals and concerts.

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble provides practical study of traditional and contemporary jazz literature in a variety of idioms and styles. Students prepare for an end-of-semester concert in weekly rehearsals that enable them to develop their technical proficiency, stylistic accuracy, improvisation skills, and creative expression.

New Music Ensemble

New Music Ensemble helps student get familiar with contemporary music repertoire and the associated rehearsal and ensemble techniques. 

Chamber Music Ensemble

Chamber Music Ensemble familiarizes students with the theoretical and practical aspects of performance in chamber music ensembles. Ensemble groups normally consist of three or more players, and allow a wide range of repertoire.