Young Researcher Award Faculty of Arts

The Young Researcher Award offered by the University is to recognize research accomplishments of young faculty members. The Award is open to all eligible full-time teachers at Assistant Professor rank or above and below the age of 45.


The recipients of the “Young Researcher Award” in the past 9 years are as follows:




2018-19 Prof Kwok Bit Chee Chinese Language and Literature
2017-18 Prof Wu Ka-ming Cultural and Religious Studies
2016-17 Prof Zhong Lei Philosophy
2015-16 Prof Evelyn Chan English
2014-15 Prof Michael O’Sullivan English
2013-14 Prof Puk Wing Kin History
2012-13 Prof Wan Chui Ki Fine Arts
2011-12 Prof Yip Ching Wah Francis Cultural & Religious Studies
2010-11 Prof Tan Nam Hoon Nancy Cultural & Religious Studies