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A Study of Chinese Painting Colors

TONG Kam Tang Vincent

Professor Tong has continuously collected materials for this topic since he was studying at university. Until now, he published 3 papers and held 6 semÎnars related to this topic. He is currently working on the article “Zhongguohua chuantong secai lilun zongshu” (Traditional Chinese Painting Colors Theories) that will be published in the near future. The study is a comprehensive analysis of colors in Chinese paintings. The contents are mainly divided into five sections, including “The Development of Colors in Chinese Paintings”, “The Analysis on the Colors of Chinese Paintings”, “The Making of Chinese Painting Colors”, “The Application Technique of Chinese Paintings” and “The Concepts and Theories in Chinese Paintings”. Lastly, the study reasserts the significance and exigency of forming chromatology in Chinese paintings.

  • Publications

    1. “A Study of the Theories of Chinese Painting Colours”, In Transmission and Transformation of Chinese Culture: Proceedings of lnternational Conference in Celebration the Fortieth Anniversary of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009), pp 335-351.
    2. “The Palette of Twentieth-century Chinese Painting”, In The lnfinite Paletle (Hong Kong: Leun Chai, 1993), pp. 20-40. Also in Art of China, no.97, September, 1993, pp. 33-43.
    3. “Colours in Chinese Painting” New Asia Life, Vol.15, no.1, September, 1987, pp 8-10.
  • Talks

    1. “Collision of Colours in Chinese Flower and Bird Painting”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 2008.
    2. “The Color of the 20th Century Chinese Painting” Organized by Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1994.
    3. “Colors of Chinese Painting” series of four lectures organized by Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1989