The Department of Fine Arts offers comprehensive and balanced programmes for both undergraduate and graduate students in order to prepare them for future careers in the arts. Each October, our department holds an Orientations Day to introduce to senior secondary school students and the public different aspects of our department including our undergraduate programmes. Several admission talks are also held throughout the year to offer timely admission information to prospective students. You may find easy access to programme information and admission requirements of our B.A., M.Phil./Ph.D., M.F.A. and M.A. programmes on this page.

Bachelor of Art

Bridging the connections between
contemporary Chinese and Western studio and art history

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)/ Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chinese Art

The programme provides academic training for students to conduct advanced research on history, theory and studio practice of Chinese art. It adopts an all-inclusive approach to Chinese art──traditional, modern, international and contemporary. It consists of two streams.

Master of Fine Arts

Develop a Career in Studio Art

Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.A.) (Part-time)