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Poems and Problems – After Nothing Happens

WONG Ka Ngo Nicole

Rituals often had an underlying spiritual or psychological nature which were performed by a group as a collective spiritual endeavour. Rituals have nowadays evolved to become a focus more on the private. We tend to internalise our emotions. Because it is not good for us to indulge, or because it is immature to blast it all out.  

Regardless of our beliefs shifted from being religious and theological driven to technology, science, astronomy and more, one unchanged notion of believing rooted deeply at heart,‘there is always someone taking care of you’. We hope to do certain things to wish for good luck, eat certain food to cleanse the soul, say certain words to be sorry and we can be forgiven, just like when we were 5 years old. We just need someone to tell us ‘You are not bad, you are just hurt’.

My practice focuses on the hidden emotional dynamic blends between the factual sense of particular scenarios as a stage for fictions and documentaries, poems and problems, system and the people who are in it. In a composition of fragments drawn from intangible matters, questions and hints all weave complex levels of authenticity and coherence.