Part-time Lecturer

LEUNG Ho Yin Harry

B.A. & M.Phil (CUHK)

Leung Ho-yin is an arts practitioner, researcher and writer. His research interests include arts and social engagement, creative education and creative methodologies. He is in charge of FAAS 4101: Art & Social Engagement – Summer Internship in the Department, in which he connects students with organizations in the region (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, etc). This course in designed in an inter-disciplinary approach, where students will be able to work closely with artists, social workers, entrepreneurs, designers, therapists, architects and more. Feel free to connect with me at


1. West Kowloon Young Fellows Scheme (Performing Arts) 2020
2. HKADC – Project Grant (Publication) 2019
4. Mr. Chien Wu Postgraduate Scholarship 2016-2017


1. Nàng Tự Do, organised by the Department of Fine Arts, University Library and Garden Streams, supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Main Library of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2020 Oct 22- 2021 Apr 16


1. Contributor for Journal of Contemporary Chinese Arts (5.2&3) (Intellect), CCVA, Birmingham City University, 2018 October


2019 August

Sharing and Participating – the ‘Commons’: Art Social Aesthetic Education Summit 2019

School of Art Administration and Education, China Academy of Art

Paper to be presented: ‘Model Analysis of Socially-engaged art organizations in Hong Kong’

2018 September

‘Borders Inside and Out’, Department of English, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Presented paper: ‘Within and beyond the barbed-wire fence – paintings from the archive of Art In the Camps‘

2018 August

22nd Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies

Presented paper :

‘The untold about Art In the Camps (1988-1991) – Interviews with involved artists‘

2017 October

The 10th Annual Conference of the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, School of Art, Birmingham City University

Presented paper: ‘Art in the Camps(1988-1991): Refugee & Socially-engaged in the context of Contemporary Chinese Art‘