Adjunct Professor

WONG Wucius

B.F.A., M. F. A. (Maryland Institute College of Design Baltimore)

Professor Wucius Wong was born in 1936 in Guangdong Province, China. He worked as assistant curator at the City Museum and Art Gallery and principal lecturer at the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic from 1967 to 1984. He received the John D. Rockefeller Fund Grant in 1971, and the Emeritus Fellowship of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 1998. The Hong Kong Museum of Art presented his retrospective exhibition in 2006, and the Hong Kong SAR Government honored him with the Bronze Bauhinia Star Medal in 2007. He is currently Adjunct Professor of the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, expert adviser to the Leisure and Culture Department, committee member of the Chinese Painting Institute in Beijing, and founding chairman of the Chinese Painting Institute in Hong Kong. He concentrates on creating ink paintings which have been widely collected by museums in Hong Kong, China, Europe, America, and Australia.


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Solo Exhibitions (selected)

1. Spirito do Ceu e da Terra. Gallery of Civic and Municipal Bureau, Civic and Municipal Bureau, Macau, 2010.

2. Myriad Visions of Wucius Wong. Art Institute of Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, 2009.

3. Spirit of Sky and Land. iPreciation Gallery, Singapore, 2008.

4. At the East-West Crossroads Retrospective Exhibition. Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong, 2006.

5. Recent Paintings. Goedhuis Contemporary, London, 2000.

6. Ring of Fire. Kaikodo Gallery, New York, 1998.

7. The East-West Journey. Hsiung Shih Gallery, Taipei, 1992.

8. River Dreams. Godfrey Far Eastern Art, London, 1989.

9. Mountain Thoughts. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota, 1987.

10. Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong, 1979.

11. The British Council, Hong Kong, 1959.

Group exhibitions (selected)

1. China’s Changing Landscape. Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland, 2015.

2. China’s Changing Landscape. Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Sweden, 2014.

3. The Moment for Ink. Art Gallery of the San Francisco State University, San Francisco, 2013.

4. Ink Paintings by Hong Kong Artists. National Art Gallery, Beijing, 2010.

5. Asian American Modern Art – Shifting Currents. De Young Museum of Art, San Francisco, 2007.

6. International Ink Painting Biennial. Shenzhen, 2002.

7. China, 5000 Years – Innovation and Transformation in the Arts. Guggenheim Museum, New York and Bilbao, 1998.

8. Continuity & Change: Five Contemporary Chinese Artists. Yale Art Gallery, New Haven, 1998.

9. Chinese Paintings: Traces of the Brush. Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1987.

10. Shanghai Biennial. Shanghai Art Museum, 1987.

11. Development of Modern Chinese Painting: Retrospective Exhibition. Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 1986.

12. First Exhibition of Asian Art. Bahrain, 1982.

13. Sao Paulo Biennale. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1961.

14. International Salon of Paintings. Hong Kong, 1960.