Body Geometry – Works by Ho, Siu-kee (2015)


HO Siu Kee


06-21, June, 2015


(4 pieces):
- Semi-completeness (Sculpture/Installation, Performance)
- Visible Sound (Sound Installation, Video)
- Sand Cone (Sculpture/Installation, Performance)
- Pacing Around the Sand Yard (Sculpture/Installation, Performance)


Dr. Stella Tang Ying Chi


Burger Collection and Hong Kong Arts Development Council


Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

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‘In “Body Geometry”, Ho Siu-kee has built on his past reflection and ideas of cognitive/intellectual perception and taken even bigger steps towards the large world outside man’s cognition. He has put geometrical forms in a physical space, making them present in our surrounding. Together with the audience, he digs deep into our intellectual abilities to perceive the universe through repeated activities and the pictorial forms so created.’

by Dr. Stella Tang Ying Chi, Curator of the exhibition