The Happiness as a Stranger – Art Sharing Session

July 15, 2018


Prof HO Siu-Kee, Artist SO Wing-Po with MAFA Graduates

Prof HO Siu-Kee, Artist SO Wing-Po with MAFA Graduates

15 July 2018 (Sunday)

3:30pm – 5:00pm

house by Kubrick, MOViE MOViE Cinema, 5/f Cityplaza, Taikoo

2018 graduates of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Master of Arts in Fine Arts will be hosting an art sharing session at house by Kubrick this Sunday. They have invited Prof. Ho Siu-kee and emerging artist Ms. So Wing-po to discuss how art empowers its creators to shift away from their (perceived) familiar self and life, and enables them to reflect on themselves and see through different lens. Join us to hear more about their thoughts! This sharing session is free and open to public.


Guest Speaker’s Profile: 

So Wing-po 

So Wing-po was born in a family of traditional Chinese medical practitioners. She is, therefore, highly acquainted with the textures, forms and smells of the Chinese pharmacological herbs since a young age. In 2007 she graduated from a design & visual arts school in the U.S. So’s artistic practice has taken on an investigation of Chinese medicinal herbs — physically but also philosophically, mixing the mythic and the scientific, weaving the microscopic with the macroscopic. So graduated from the Chinese University Master of Arts in Fine Arts in 2012.

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