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Cognitive Tutoring for English as a Second Language: Connecting Applied Linguistics with Learning Sciences
Speaker: Prof. Helen Zhao


Date: 9 March 2018 (Fri)


Time: 4:00pm


Venue: G24, Arts and Humanities Hub, Fung King Hey Building, CUHK


Language: English


Abstract: A recent trend in research of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is to incorporate established experimental methodology as well as new methods in learning sciences to produce demonstrable improvements in second language (L2) learning. This new method is referred to as eCALL (experimentalized CALL). This talk introduces two empirical experiments that examined the effectiveness of two versions of an eCALL tutor that provided training on English article usage for L2 learners in China. The Article Tutor was designed based on the Competition Model, a psycholinguistic model for language acquisition. The tutor incorporated a Bayesian knowledge tracing model to achieve individualized student tracking and adaptive learning. Data were analyzed through behavioral measurements and methods of educational data mining. The studies generated significant theoretical and pedagogical implications in second language learning.





Prof. Pai Hsien-yung on The Beauty of Kunqu Opera.


For details please refer to the Chinese version.















Prof. Pai Hsien-yung on Dream of the Red Chamber


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The End: How a Language Dies
Speaker: Prof. Don Kulick


Date: 15 Dec 2017 (Fri)


Time: 1:00 - 2:30pm


Venue: Swire Hall 1, Fung King Hey Building


Language: English


Prof Don Kulick is Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology at Uppsala University and head of the Engaging Vulnerability research program. His research and writing cover a wide range of topics and disciplines, including sociolinguistics, gender and sexuality studies, disability studies, queer studies and human-animal communication.





The Faculty offers the following two courses in 2017-18 to all undergraduate students:


  • 從傳統到現代:二十世紀中國文化經典導讀 (ARTS1002)
    From Tradition to Modernity: Selected Readings of 20th-Century Chinese Culture

    (Chinese version only)

  • 國學經籍概論 (ARTS1003)
    Introduction to Chinese Classics

    (Chinese version only)
    課程由鄧立光博士主講,主要概述中國古代經典與中國文化的關係,並選講儒釋道經典如《易經》、《四書》、《孝經》、《老子》、《莊子》、《心經》等,講解其中的內容及思想要旨,讓學生對國學經典有一概括認知,從而理解中國傳統文化精神的特質。除了講課及導修課外,並安排專家講座。此課程由國學中心提供,為文學院課程 (Faculty Package)選修課,適用於2015-16年或以後入讀的學生。


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