The faculty is committed to the following strategic goals:


  • To articulate, strengthen and promote the core values of humanities through teaching and research, and through communications with the wider public;

  • To excel in the study of languages, peoples, cultures, religions, creative arts, history and philosophy from a comparative perspective informed by international scholarship, with special reference to China and the region;

  • To develop cross-disciplinary initiatives to enhance dialogue and collaboration across humanities disciplines and between humanities and other fields of knowledge, to meet the challenges of the fast-changing frontiers of knowledge;

  • To educate students to become responsible citizens of the community and the world, articulate in expressing ideas in both Chinese and English, with a capacity for creative thought and critical inquiry, and sensitivity to the aesthetic, ethical, and cultural dimensions of personal and social issues.



  • To become one of the best centers of learning in Asia in research on the arts and humanities, especially in research related to China;

  • To become recognized in the region as an innovative and vibrant center of higher education dedicated to the core values of arts and humanities, bilingual education, cultural diversity, and the development of Chinese culture.