Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The Centre is dedicated to promoting Buddhist education and academic researches of Humanistic Buddhism and to nourishing Buddhist scholars. Over the years, the Centre has organized several international academic conferences and has published several volumes academic journals. These contributions win a good reputation by academics and Buddhist circles.

In order to continue to deepen the theory of Humanistic Buddhism, cultivate Buddhist research talents, and facilitate the cooperation and exchanges between Buddhist research academic groups, the work guidelines of the Centre for the next five years are as follows:

  1. Organize international conferences on Buddhist Studies every year to strengthen the connection with overseas academia, and to spread the thoughts of Humanistic Buddhism. Organize conferences on development and preach about Humanistic Buddhist in East Asia and Southeast Asia and forums on Buddhism and Business.
  2. Accept both long-term and short-term visiting scholar applications. The Centre will encourage visiting scholars to study in an interdisciplinary way and share their researches.
  3. Organize a wide variety of lectures, symposia, exchange meetings every year and periodically publish newsletters, academic journals, books, academic annuals, collections, audio-books, and e-books, etc. to facilitate the worldwide academic exchanges, and to spread the thoughts of Humanistic Buddhism.
  4. Set up Information Centre of Humanistic Buddhism to thoroughly collect and sort out the sources and images of Humanistic Buddhism from the publications and databases.
  5. Start a foundation. This foundation will support both the long-term (three years) and short-term (one year) research projects on Humanistic Buddhist studies. Supported by the foundation, the Centre will invite experts from Greater China, Asia, and western countries to systematize and theorize the thoughts of Humanistic Buddhism.
  6. Provide several postdoctoral positions to encourage and cultivate young scholars.
  7. Collaborate on monographic projects together with other institutions and Buddhist monasteries.
  8. Apply for Graduate School’s approval via the Faculty of Arts to establish Ph.D program in Humanistic Buddhist studies which nourishes more Buddhist scholars by providing series of professional courses.
  9. Offer and promote Diploma in Management of Humanistic Buddhism to assist middle to senior management to establish an Eastern mode of management.
  10. Provide practice and meditation courses together with Hong Kong Fo Guang Vihara. These practical courses aim at purifying the mind and balancing the interpersonal relationship.