Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Director of the Centre

Professor Chen Chien Huang


Professor Chen Chien Huang graduated from the Department of Chinese Literature of National Taiwan University with a bachelor’s degree, the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Philosophy and a Ph.D. He is committed to the research of Amitabha’s Pure Land teaching, Humanistic Buddhism, and Pure Land on earth, etc. With his analysis, he provided a clear evolution path for the development of Amitabha Pure Land in the early China, which combines the thoughts of Chan and Pure Land, the Pure Land thought of Tiantai, and the Pure Land thought of Huayan etc… He further deepened the principal structure of Amitabha’s Pure Land Dharma, especially clarified and remodified issues such as explaining the essence of reciting Buddha’s name since the end of Ming Dynasty. He contributed remarkably to these aspects and brought a considerable degree of reflection to the academic and religious circles. 

The themes Prof. Chen deliberated in the past ten years have extended from classic studies to Humanistic Buddhism and Pure Land thought of modern eminent monks such as Master Hsing Yun, Master Sheng Yen, and Master Yin Shun.  Prof. Chen is an important scholar who has studied the Pure Land thought for both sides of the strait. He is the author of No Conflict between Chan and Pure Land: Master Sheng Yen’s thought and practice regarding the Chan (2017), Chan Pure Practice and Meditation Realization (2017), The Highest Expedient Means and Enacting of Dharma-Joy: The Common Boundary of Amitābha’s Pure Land and Humanistic Pure Land (2015), Fifty Years of Miaoyun Lanruo: Huili and Changguang “Miaoyun Propaganda” (co-authored, 2015), 100 Buddhist Classics: Three Sutras of Pure Land (simplified Chinese version, 2014), Buddhist 100 Classical Sentences: Three Sutras of Pure Land (2010), Walk Through the Pure Land Dharma Gate: Tanluan, Daochuo and Shandao Developed the Path of Amitabha Pure Land Religion (2009), Pure Land Questions. Reading Guide (2004), Yuan Tong Practical Enlightenment: Yin Guang’s Pure Land Enlightenment (2002), and more than 70 academic papers.