We are delighted to announce that Dr Cai Xuanhui, Lecturer of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, has received the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2020 in recognition of her commitment and contributions to the teaching of Chinese language and literature.

Dr Cai is deeply honoured to receive the award. She said, “We teachers should treat our students like our own children. Our job is to serve as a stepping stone to help our students’ development, leading them the way for a bright future.”

Dr Cai shares her teaching philosophy. “I always apply different instructional strategies to promote deeper learning,” said Dr Cai. “When I teach the development of Chinese literature, I use literature as the starting point to encourage students to rethink social developments. Reading articles from different perspectives can also facilitate students’ understanding of the diversity of thoughts,” said Dr Cai. “Young people with broad knowledge base and positive attitude will adapt well in the ever changing world.”

The Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award Scheme was launched in 1999 to give recognition to outstanding teachers. 22 teachers from 10 Departments and Teaching Units in the Faculty of Arts have received the Award to date.


Professor Lai Chi Tim, Professor of the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies and Associate Director (Executive) of Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), has received the Second-class Thesis Award for his work “Cultivating the Mind and Refining the Inner Nature: Lüzu’s Commentary on the ‘True Scripture of the Marvelous Wonder for the Supreme Mysterious Merit’《修心煉性 ── 〈呂祖疏解無上玄功靈妙真經〉白話註譯》” in the 8th Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Humanities and Social Sciences) from the Ministry of Education (MoE).


The Award is to recognize outstanding research projects and is presented to individuals who have made remarkable contributions in the areas of humanities and social sciences. Professor Lai is a scholar in religious studies, specializing in Daoism, history of religions, and social scientific theories of religion.


A brief summary of the book “Cultivating the Mind and Refining the Inner Nature: Lüzu’s Commentary on the ‘True Scripture of the Marvelous Wonder for the Supreme Mysterious Merit’” is available here.



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