Associate Professor

TAM Wai Ping Lukas

B.A. (Reading); H.D.F.A. (UCL)

TAM Wai Ping, obtained his B.A. (Hons.) in Fine Art from University of Reading, United Kingdom in 1991, and completed his postgraduate study with distinction from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London, United Kingdom in 1995. He is the chairman and one of the founders of Art Map, and works as an independent curator. He serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Arts in Chinese University of Hong Kong.

His early work, My Real Life Series, explores the definition of reality and records the complexity of individual life, instigating the ideas of “Truth”. Second Reality attempts to exemplify “Real”, which is, the situational difference between “Fact” and “Reality”. In face with the hardships of reality, Dream is a self-experience through observation of the lives of others, and invokes one’s observation towards others and society at the same time. Temple and Life Pilgrimages have been exploring the relationship between “Individuality and Land” that enables an in-depth insight into history and modern life, leading to the investigation of modernity in Asian values. The recent interest looks at the relationships between “Text”, “Object” and “Image”, it re-evaluates how art can serve as a cognitive experience.

Tam works in various media, and is notable for his photography, installation and environmental art. Tam has participated various exhibitions such as M+: Inflation in 2013, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006, Kaoshiung International Container Arts Festival, 2001, Simply Reality Spells – Exhibition of Chinese Conceptual Photography since 90’s, China, Taiwan & Hong Kong……, his works has been exhibited in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Australia, United Kingdom, France and USA.



1. 13 terminal tiles. Hong Kong: Lumenvisum, 2014.


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Solo Exhibitions

1. Contextual Drawing – Half Innocenc: A Solo Exhibition by Tam Wai Ping, am space, Hong Kong, 2013.

2. Re-read: Tam Wai Ping Solo Exhibition, IT Park, Taiwan, 2011.

3. Elsewhere – Photo Exhbition by Lukas Tam, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong, 2010.

4. Life Pilgrimages – Tam Wai Ping’s Solo Exhibition, 1A Space, Hong Kong, 2008.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1. The Scarlet Bauhinia in Full Bloom, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2014.

2. 13 terminal tiles, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong, 2014.

3. Mobile M+: Inflation!, M+ West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong, 2013.

4. 3 Chasers after Wind – the Depth of Photography, Hui Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2012.

5. Cityzening, Vargas Museum, The University of the Philippines, 2012.

6. Hong Kong in a dialogue with A World, Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2012.

7. The Project Glocal 2012 – Habit Forming, Artinformal, The Philippines, 2012.

8. Strolling on the water, Museum of Contemporary Art, Westlake, China, 2011.

9. Chatter Jabber, Hong Kong, 2011.

10. 5 Places, Asia Triennial Manchester 2011, Bury Art Museum, Manchester, UK, 2011.

11. Open the pages • you see me seeing you, 1A Space, Hong Kong & Kubrick, Beijing, 2011.

12. Green – through the Kai Tak River, 1A Space, Hong Kong, 2009.

13. Territories: Contemporary Photographic Work from Australian & China, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2009.

14. Interaction, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2009.

15. World Open Art Festival, Seoul City Museum, Seoul, South Korea, 2008.

16. Celebration 60 Art Exhibition, British Council, London, UK, 2008.

17. Art Container Project, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong, 2008.

18. Second Half, Too Art Gallery, Hong Kong, 2008.

19. Stranger, Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo, Japan, 2007.

20. Arrivals and Departures: New Art Perspectives of Hong Kong, Urbis, Manchester, UK, 2007.


1. Our 1989 – 99, Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong & School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, 2014.

2. A given moment in somewhere, some people and some thing, an Exhibition by TSAI Yi-Ting & Elva LAI Ming Chu, am space, Hong Kong, 2014.

3. Public Art Curator for Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, the Hospital. Authority (HA) and the Architectural Services Department (ArchSD), 2013 –2017.

4. this is the way of living – Lui Chun Kwong + Chen Shun-chu, am space, Hong Kong, 2013.

5. Violent & Poetic – Chang Huei Ming + Samson Young, am space, Hong Kong,2013.

6. Public Art Curator in DOMAIN, Shopping Center at Yau Tong Redevelopment Phase 4, Hong Kong Housing Authority, 2008 – 2015.

7. Beyond the Portrait – Hong Kong Photography Series 3, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, 2011 – 2012.


1. “Humanities and Liberal Arts Education” 2014 Conference, Asian New Humanities Net (ANHN), Tunghai University, Taiwan, 2014.

2. “Lingering in new experiences while belonging to old values” Paper presented in “Dislocation and Sense of Belonging – The Development of Literature and the Others from Hong Kong and Taiwan after the Second War” organized by The Research Institute for the Humanities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 14 February 2014.

3. “Global goes Local: Visualizing Regional Cultures in the Arts of Greater China” Conference, “Positioning the Arts of Hong Kong within and beyond Greater China”, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2013.


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13. Guest speaker for “Open the pages: you see me seeing you”, Today Art Museum & Broadway Cinematheque MOMA, Beijing, 2011.

14. Guest speaker for “Domesticexport – creative industries vs. equal opportunities”, Fotan Open Studios, 2011.

15. Guest speaker for “Looking at Hong Kong Biennial”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 2010.

16. Guest speaker for “City Planning and the Cultural Landscape : How To Say GREEN?”, Cattle Depot Art Festival Association, Hong Kong, 2009.

17. Guest lecturer for “Sharing of Creative Process”, PolyU Speed, Hong Kong, 2009.


1. Member of the Art Museum Advisory Panel, Home Affairs Bureau, 2014.

2. The Adjudicator for the “Master of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition Best Award”, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 2014.

3. The SHA’s Commendation Certificates and Award (Culture and Arts), Home Affairs Bureau, Hong Kong, 2013.

4. Invited member of Working Groups for Oil Street Artspace, Art Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong, 2012.

5. Appointed as Museum Expert Advisor (Photography), Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong, 2012.

6. The Adjudicator for the “Xin Yi Dai: an International University Students Exchange Exhibition”, Hong Kong Graphic Fiesta, 2011.

7. The Adjudicator for the “The Impression • Eileen Chang • Inaugural Painting Competition”, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 2010.

8. Appointed Member to the Public Forum, Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR, 2010.

9. The Adjudicator for the “Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea”, Hong Kong, 2009.

10. The Adjudicator for the “Art Talents Pop Up! Poemography Exp.” Hong Kong, 2009.

11. One of the 60 Alumni, British Council 60th Anniversary Celebration, Hong Kong, 2008.

12. Invited film for “Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival” in 2002, France, 2002.

13. Distinguished Award of the 6th HK Independent Short Film & Video Award 2000.

14. Invited film for the 25th HK International Film Festival, 2001.

15. Selected member of Study Group to Venice Biennial, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, 2001.

16. The Adjudicator for the Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival 2000 Calendar Competition, 2000.

17. Awarded Prankerd-Jones Memorial Fund, United Kingdom, 1995.

18. Shortlisted for the NatWest British Young Artist, 1995.