About the Programme

The programme is set to provide foundational trainings in Humanities for the first two to three years of studies. Students are suggested to develop one or two areas of focused studies, which may be in Fine Arts, Heritage, Performing Arts, Literature and etc. The final year provides intensive trainings in forms of research and/or internships which develops administrative skills, critical capacity and creative thinking. Graduates from the programme will find career opportunities at cultural organizations with a public orientation, ranging from cultural institutions such as museum, performing arts venue, community arts centre, to media and social service agencies.

The design of the Programme is built upon the three main areas of our educational focuses:


  • Art History with focus on the arts of Hong Kong and China

  • Cultural History and Heritage of Hong Kong and China

  • Basic knowledge in theatrical studies, cultural tourism, arts festivals programming
  • Curatorial planning and skills


  • Organization and management skills in working with parties
  • Critical skills in cultural interpretation
  • Creative skills to develop innovative approaches and shaping of cultural policy


  • Appreciation and respects for different cultural groups
  • Commitment in developing local culture with a global vision