Admission Requirement

a. JUPAS Admission

Minimum University requirements for JUPAS applicants

Applicants shall have obtained in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE)

  1. Level 3 in Chinese Language^ and English Language; and
  2. Level 2 in Mathematics (Compulsory Part) and Liberal Studies; and
  3. a level as stipulated by the programme(s) applied for in two New Senior Secondary (NSS) subjects# as approved by the University from time to time.

^Subject to fulfilling the following conditions, JUPAS applicants with very special circumstances may, at the discretion of the faculty deans concerned and on a case-by-case basis, be granted waivers of this requirement:

The applicants concerned

  1. should NOT have taken the Chinese Language subject in HKDSE, and
  2. should have obtained a pass grade or above in a Chinese subject or in another language subject (other than English and Chinese) in other recognised public examinations as approved by the University from time to time, and

#The two subjects may include:

  1. 2 NSS elective subjects; or
  2. 1 NSS elective subject and Mathematics (Extended Part) Module I or Module II.

Requirements of the programmes

In addition to satisfying the minimum University requirements, applicants shall satisfy the additional requirements of the programme concerned.

Please visit the website of Office of Admission and Financial Aid, The Chinese University of Hong Kong ( for specific requirements of the programme.


b. Non-JUPAS Admissions

For Local Students 

For Mainland Students (Simp. Chinese Only)

For International Students