Course List

Applicable to students admitted in 2021-22

Course Code Course Title Unit(s)

Area 1: General Studies in Culture

ANTH1010 Humans and Culture 3
ANTH1410 Culture of Hong Kong 3
CUMT1001 Introduction to Cultural Management 3
CUMT1002 Cultural Theories 3
CUMT1003 Cultural Policy and Development 3
CUMT2004 Chinese Material Culture 3
CUMT2006 Understanding Chinese Art through Exhibitions 3
CURE1001 Introduction to Cultural Studies 3
CURE1003 Culture Studies of Space 3
CURE2047 Performing Studies 3
FAAS1600 Artistic Traditions in China 3
FAAS1700 Artistic Traditions in the West 3
FAAS2117 Art in Hong Kong: from the Foundation of the Colony to the Early 21st Century 3
FAAS3108 Contemporary Art: Artistic Strategies in a Postmodern Era 3

Area 2: Art Forms / Disciplines Studies

(Only applicable to Cultural Management (CUMSN) Major students who are Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma holders admitted to senior-year places)

This area includes all courses offered by any Major/Minor Programme under the Faculty of Arts, except Faculty Package courses.

Area 3: Management Studies and Cultural Management

ANTH2510 Culture and Business 3
CUMT2002 Language and Practice of Cultural Management 3
CUMT2005 Management of Public and Non-profit Cultural Organization 3
CUMT2013 Art Institutions in Twentieth-Century China 2
CUMT3001 Visual Arts Management 3
CUMT3002 Performing Arts Management 3
CUMT4001 Integrated Studies in Cultural Management 3
CUMT4102 Research Project 3
CUMT4103 Internship 3
FAAS4201 Art as Profession 3
MGNT1020 Principles of Management 3
MGNT2040 Human Resource Management 3
MGNT2510 Introduction to International Business 3
MKTG2010 Marketing Management 3

Area 4: Concentrations / Special Studies in Cultural Management

i. Antiquities and Heritage Management
ANTH2370 Intangible Heritage in Hong Kong 3
ANTH2720 Arachaeology in Hong Kong 3
ANTH2730 Preserving Cultural Heritage 3
ANTH2760 China’s Cultural Heritage 3
ARCH1320 Experiencing Architecture 3
CUMT2001 Chinese Archaeology and Food Culture 3
CUMT3009 Interpreting Chinese Antiquities 3
CUMT4004 Archaeology and Modern Applications 3
CUMT4101 Special Topics in Antiquities & Heritage Management 3
FAAS2102 Arts of Ancient China: Neolithic Through Bronze Age 3

ii. Cultural Institutions and Curation
ANTH4720 Museums and Anthropology 3
CUMT2003 Art Institutions in Twentieth-Century China 3
CUMT2007 Curation in Arts and Culture 3
CUMT2010 Music, Culture and Outreach 3
CUMT3005 Design Your Exhibition – Curatorial Planning and Practice  3
CUMT3008 Curating and Organising Arts Festival 3
CUMT4005 Art and Propaganda 3
CUMT3108 Museum Studies 3
CUMT4008 Advanced Museum Studies 3
CUMT4201 Special Topics in Cultural Institutions and Curation 3
CURE3030 Cultural Criticism Workshop 3
ENGE1800 Drama in Performance I 3

iii. Cultural and Creative Industries
CUMT2009 Introduction to the Art Market 3
CUMT3003 New Media Arts Management 3
CUMT3004 Public and Community Art 3
CUMT3007 Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries 3
CUMT4003 Culture-led City Development 3
CUMT4301 Special Topics in Cultural and Creative Industries 3
CURE2066 Visual Design: Software and Practices 3
CURE3026 New Media and Cyberculture 3
ENGE3260 Creative Writing 3
JASP3470 Japanese Youth Cultures in Asia 3

4-Year Curriculum (PDF)

2-Year Curriculum (Senior Year Entry) (High Dip and Asso Degree Holders)