Paper and Thesis Style

BA Programme of Cultural Management (CUMT) has no special preference to any citation styles adopted in students’ paper and thesis. But there are some principles in general:

  1. A paper or thesis in proper style contains page numbers, student ID, reasonable margins (2 cm or 1 inch), and line spacing (double line spacing). Print with A4 paper in font size 12 and staple at the upper-left corner.
  2. A list of references, whether they are in form of footnote or endnote, should be contained in a paper or thesis and edited in a consistent style. Reference list at the end of paper or thesis usually sorts by alphabetical order of the author’s surname.
  3. MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard style are the most widely used citation styles in academic writing. No matter which one is adopted, it should be consistent. Please visit the webpage of the Academic and Quality Section, CUHK for details. Existing journals of disciplines related to CUMT are also good references for editing the citation style in writings.
  4. For the citation styles of any specific materials, such as a piece of artwork, music scripts or an artifact, students are encouraged to consult their instructors for further instructions.
  5. If the instructors have specified their requirements on paper styles, students should follow their instructions.