Programme Director

Prof. CHEUNG Chin Hung Sidney

BA (Chiba University), MA, PhD (Osaka University, Japan)
3943 7662 / 3943 9231
Room 404, Humanities Building
Room 201B, Leung Kau Kui Building


Prof. Sidney C.H. Cheung received scholarships given by Japanese Government/Monbusho (1984-94) for his undergraduate, masters and doctoral programmes and his anthropological training in Japan. He is the Professor and Director of the Centre for Cultural Heritage Studies. He has been doing research about freshwater fish farming in Hong Kong in order to understand the fishermen and their perspectives on environmental change, sustainable development and wetland conservation. Currently, he is working on an ongoing multi-site research project exploring the impact of the move of American crayfish from the U.S. to Asia and on the global consumption and production of crayfish in China, Japan, and the U.S. Besides academic publications, Cheung was co-hosting two 15-session hourly RTHK radio programme entitled 《港飲食、講文化 (Hong Kong Foodways and Culture)》 in 2004 and 《文化非主流 (Culture Unconventional)》 in 2005, through which he was able to bring anthropological perspectives to the audience. Again, some of his research findings were used for the RTHK documentary series of 《香港故事 (Hong Kong Stories) 》 such as [年年有魚] and [東江逆流] in 2008.

Research Interests

Visual anthropology, anthropology of tourism, cultural heritage, food and identity, social change and agriculture development, Ainu-Japanese relations, social resilience

Courses Taught

Fall Term
ANTH 2370/GENA 2362 Intangible Heritage in Hong Kong

Spring Term
ANTH 3370/ANTH 5370 Tourism and Culture

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