Heavenly Mundanity: Ho, Siu-kee Sculpture x Photography (2012)

November 2, 2012


HO Siu Kee


02-17 Nov, 2012


1 piece of sculpture and 4 pieces of photographic work - Aureola No.13 in different




Lumenvisum, Hong Kong

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‘Ho Siu Kee combined both sculpture and photography in “Heavenly Mundanity”. Through interactions between the circular sculpture and the changes of cityscape background, the meaning presented from the images was altered. Ho advocates the relationship among body and environment. With the background changes from plain white wall to a crowded cityscape in Mong Kok, the photographer and audiences can experience the changes of mind and venue. In regard to the photographic presentation of sculptures, the meaning of the art piece has been extended. In “Heavenly Mundanity”, photography also plays the role of connections between Ho and audiences.

(quoted from Tommy Tang’s “5-year Wrap Up – to be Continued”, an article in the book “13 Terminal Tiles” published by Lumenvisum in 2014)


Artist Statement:

The sculpture x photography being shown in the “Heavenly Mundanity” exhibition is the extension of the previous developed “Aureola” series. The steel sculptural object with my performative involvement in it is presented in form of photography. From the purified backdrop in the “Aureola” series to the diverse city scenes in “Heavenly Mundanity”, the shifting of the context does provide me different perceptual experience. Eventually, “the one to perceive” and “the one being perceived” are indeed two in one.