The Art of CUHK 2022: Phase I

June 5, 2022 - June 26, 2022


B.A. Graduate Exhibition - ‘Sahara, que será será’:
Gallery I, Art Museum, Central Campus, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Annual Exhibition & M.F.A. Graduate Exhibition:
2-3/F Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday, 10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (Closed on Thursdays)
Sunday and public holidays, 1:00p.m.-5:00p.m.

The Art of CUHK 2022


Since its establishment in 1957, the Fine Arts department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has been committed to cultivating artistic talents. With various talents and strengths, graduates are determined to demonstrate their artistic accomplishments locally and even in other regions. ‘The Art of CUHK’ exhibition has been held annually since 1998 to showcase the learning outcomes of students over the academic year. During this period, not only are students’ learning achievements exhibited, but academic activities are also open to the public for bridging art and the community, allowing people from different backgrounds to visit, exchange ideas, and inspire each other, in hopes of enhancing the local artistic atmosphere. Fully coordinated by our students, ‘The Art of CUHK’ exhibition provides an opportunity for students to exercise their autonomy, through hands-on experience of the formation of the organizing committee, handling administrative work, curating, publishing, sponsorship seeking, and setting up the exhibition venue. Therefore, students can equip themselves better to prepare for future challenges.


Over the past three years, the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has been volatile, which increases the difficulties of holding ‘The Art of CUHK’. Nevertheless, students of the Fine Arts Department still persist to overcome the obstacles and challenges with perseverance, so that ‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ was able to be carried out with the support and encouragement of all parties.


This year, under the unstable situation of the epidemic, people from all walks of life have undergone unprecedented challenges. ‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ is also facing hardships during this period. In view of the pandemic, the scale of ‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ will be simplified, in which part of the exhibition and events will have no choice but to be cancelled. On the other hand, the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (B.A.) Graduate Exhibition, M.F.A. Graduate Exhibition, and M.A. Graduate Exhibition will continue.


Despite the fact that the exhibition has undergone uncertainties, the Fine Art students have strived their best to let the ‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ exhibition commence as scheduled this year.  In hopes of inheriting the long-lasting traditions of the Fine Arts department and continuously diversifying local art and culture, the exhibition also represents the aspiration to ease the public’s depressive state of mind under the pandemic.


‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ is divided into two phases. Phase one of the exhibition consists of the Annual Exhibition of curatorial exhibitions only, the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (B.A.) Graduate Exhibition and Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Graduate Exhibition, which will be held from 5th June to 26th June 2022; Phase two of the exhibition will be the Master of Arts in Fine Arts (M.A.) Graduate. There will be several exhibitions and activities, such as talks, which will not only provide an opportunity for our students to showcase their hard work, but also an opportunity for the public to experience art. Furthermore, public seminars will be held for promoting academic discussions.


In The Art of CUHK 2022, “Sahara, que será será” would be the theme of the B.A. Graduate Exhibition. The exhibition would showcase the art journey of thirty-two graduate students– the experience that unfolds in an entanglement of departure when the starry nights pass away in blissful ignorance. Though at the end of time, they hope the sun would not wipe away their marks of youthful ardour, the phantom dust would leave traces in their memories when the wind faintly shattered “que será será”. “Whatever will be, will be” is their message to the future road— that will always be the rustling shade in the desert night.


The Annual Exhibition will showcase the joint effort of eight curatorial exhibitions resulting from discussions and seminars that were initiated by our students. A wide variety of exhibitions would visually engage the audience, as well as arouse their thoughts and reflections.


‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ features the Postgraduate Exhibitions in the same period. 5 M.F.A. graduates will showcase their creative practices in various media, concerning themes ranging from ecology, nature, and acceleration of cultural change, offering multiple layers of perspectives and possibilities of artistic creation.


Phase I of ‘The Art of CUHK 2022’ will be held in Gallery I of the Art Museum and 2-3/F of Cheng Ming Building in the University campus. Talks will be available during the exhibition period. For details, please contact Miss. Tang through Email (


The Art of CUHK 2022 Phase I Opening Ceremony:*

Time: 3:00 p.m., 5th June 2022 (Sunday)

Opening venue: Gallery I, Art Museum, Central Campus, the Chinese University of Hong Kong


Online Live Broadcast of the opening ceremony

Time: 3:00 p.m., 5th June 2022 (Sunday)

Facebook:中大藝術 The Art of CUHK



*Affected by the pandemic, there will be a crowd control policy for the opening ceremony and it will not open to the public. For the arrangement of media and journalists, please contact Miss. Ho at