Prof. Tang Sze Wing (CUHK)

Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Vice Chairman of Department (Curriculum and Administration)

Research Interests:

  1. Syntax
  2. Chinese dialectal grammar
  3. Parametric study of linguistic variation

Academic Publications:

  1. Formal Chinese Syntax (in Chinese). Shanghai: Shanghai Educational Publishing House, (2010).
  2. A parametric approach to NP ellipsis in Mandarin and Cantonese. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 20(2), 107-115, (2011).
  3. Three conceptual domains of the sentence final particle laa in Cantonese (in Chinese). Chinese Language 3, 195-200, (2013).
  4. A generalized syntactic schema for utterance particles in Chinese. Lingua Sinica 1:3, (2015)
  5. Lectures on Cantonese Grammar (in Chinese). Hong Kong: Commercial Press, (2015).