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Educational qualification Ph.D, University of Melbourne


I have been visiting the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (Qinghai province) since 1990. Keeping up with the changes that have taken place there, my interest has shifted from the revival of Tibetan art to the changing visual environment, or what I call a history of contemporary visuality. This is in part driven by the installation and emergence of new forms of urban space and spatial practices in the prefectural town, and in part by an interest in shifting visual anthropology away from its association with capture technologies and objects toward the analysis of visual experience and events. At the moment this means my focus is on interactions with architectural and urban form, but local practices of branding have also been catching my eye a fair bit of late. Since 2000 I have also been researching gender and sexuality in late imperial Chinese history, including translation of related works of fiction, drama, prose, and poetry from all periods of Chinese history. My work on the cultural history of Chinese theatre revolves around the concept of epitheatre: “forms of social life and literature that exist as an extension or effect of performance or performance spaces.”

Courses taught

ANTH 2410 Chinese Culture and Society

ANTH 3380 Economy, Culture and Power

ANTH 5015 Anthropology: A Postgraduate Introduction

ANTH 5020 Anthropological Field Methods

ANTH 5250 Seminars in the Anthropology of China I

ANTH 6020 Seminars in Research Methods


Selected Publications
2017 (co-edited with Wu Cuncun) Wanton Women in Late Imperial Chinese Literature: Models, Genres, Subversions and Traditions (Series: Women and Gender in Chinese Studies, 8). Leiden: Brill.
2013 (co-edited and translated with Wu Cuncun) Homoeroticism in Imperial China: A Sourcebook. London: Routledge.
2005 Many Paths: Searching for Old Tibet in New China. South Melbourne: Lothian. ISBN 0734405855. Reviews: Asian Studies Review 30.4 (2006): 412-414. The Australian Journal of Anthropology (TAJA) 19.3 (2008): 370-372.

Book Chapters

2017 ‘The Male Homoerotic Wanton Woman in Late-Ming Fiction.’ In Wanton Women in Late Imperial Chinese Literature: Models, Genres, Subversions and Traditions, ed. Mark Stevenson and Wu Cuncun. Leiden: Brill.
2017 ‘Introduction: Wanton Women in Late-Imperial Chinese Literature: Models, Genres, Subversions and Traditions.’ In Wanton Women in Late Imperial Chinese Literature: Models, Genres, Subversions and Traditions, ed. Mark Stevenson and Wu Cuncun. Leiden: Brill.
2016 ‘Theatre and the Text-Spatial Reproduction of Literati and Mercantile Masculinities in Nineteenth Century Beijing.’ Changing Chinese Masculinities: From Imperial Pillars of State to Global Real Men, ed. Kam Louie. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
2016 ‘Time Travel in Tibet: TantraTerma and Tulku.’ In The Buddhist World (Series: Routledge Worlds), ed. John Powers. London: Routledge.
2010 ‘A Window on Rebkong: Architecture, Technology and Social Change in Amdo Tibetan Communities.’ In New Visions of Tibetan Culture, ed. David Templeman. Clayton: Monash University Press.
2006 (co-authored with Wu Cuncun) ‘Male love lost: the fate of male same-sex prostitution in Beijing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.’ In Embodied Modernities: Corporeality, Representation, and Chinese Cultures, ed. Fran Martin and Larrisa Heinrich. Honolulu: Hawaii University Press.
2002 ‘Art and Life in A mdo Reb gong since 1978.’ In Amdo Tibetans in Transition: Society and Culture in the Post-Mao Era, ed. Toni Huber. Leiden: E. J. Brill.
Articles, Refereed Journals
2014 ‘One as Form and Shadow: Theatre and the Space of Sentimentality in Nineteenth-Century Beijing,’ Frontiers of History in China, 9 (2) (June 2014): 225-246.
2011 (co-authored with Wu Cuncun) ‘Karmic Retribution and Moral Didacticism in Erotic Fiction from the Late Ming and Early Qing,’ Ming Qing Studies (2011): 467-486.
2010 ‘Sound, Space and Moral Soundscape in Ruyijun zhuan and Chipozi zhuan,’ Nan Nü: Men, Women and Gender in China, 12 (2): 255-310.
2010 (co-authored with Wu Cuncun) ‘Speaking of Flowers: Theatre, Public Culture, and Homoerotic Writing in Nineteenth-Century Beijing,’ Asian Theatre Journal, 27 (1) (Spring 2010): 100-129.
2008 (co-authored with Wu Cuncun) ‘Notes on Flower Appreciation in the Phoenix City, by Xiangxi Yuyin: Translation and Introduction,’ Renditions. 69: 34-61.
2006 (co-authored with Wu Cuncun) Ten Poems on Yangzhou,’ Renditions 66: 40-51.
2004 (co-authored with Wu Cuncun) ‘Quilts and quivers: dis/covering male homoeroticism in late-imperial China,’ Tamkang Review 35 (1): 119-167.
2003 (co-translated with Wu Cuncun) ‘Zhaojun’s Dream: Translation and Introduction,’ Renditions 59-60: 154-180.
2002 (co-translated with Wu Cuncun) ‘Tale of an Infatuated Woman: Translation and Introduction,’ Renditions 58: 47-97.
1999 ‘The Politics of Identity and Cultural Production in A mdo Reb gong,’ Tibet Journal 24 (4): 35-51.
1997 ‘Paths and Progress: Thoughts on Don grub rgyal’s “A Threadlike Path,”’ Tibet Journal 22 (3): 57-60.
1997 (co-translated with Lama Choedak T. Yuthok) ‘A Threadlike Path: A Short Story by Don grub rGyal,’ Tibet Journal 22(3): 61-66.
1996 (co-authored with John Fitzgerald and Cathy Banwell) ‘Chewing as a social act: cultural displacement and khat consumption in the East African communities of Melbourne,’ Drug and Alcohol Review 15: 73-82.
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