Year Conference and workshop
2023 East Asian Anthropological Association (EAAA) Annual Meeting 2023 (Website)
2019 Medical Anthropology and Global Health Workshop 
2019 2019 Anthropology Methods Summer Workshop
2018 2018 Anthropology Methods Summer Workshop
2017 East Asian Anthropological Association (EAAA) Annual Meeting 2017 (Website)
2016 Society for East Asian Anthropology, American Anthropological Association, Hong Kong Conference 2016: East Asia and Tomorrow’s Anthropology (Website)
2013 – present Multiculturalism in Action: Indian Culture Workshop/ Nepali Culture Workshop/ Pakistani Culture Workshop (Website)
2013 International Conference on Foodways and Heritage – A Perspective of Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage (Website)
2012 East Asian Anthropological Association Conference 2012: The World in East Asia/East Asia in the World (Website)
2011 The International Society for the Studies of Chinese Overseas Conference: Chinese Overseas: Culture, Religions and Worldview (Website)
2009 Workshop on “Anthropological Concepts and Chinese Translation”, co-organized by the CUHK and SYSU Departments of Anthropology.
The workshop was held in Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), Guangzhou, China on 21 February, 2009.
2008 Workshop on Memories, Place and Power in Urban Neighborhood in East Asia, directed by Prof. Michael Herzfeld (Harvard University) and Prof. Zhu Jiangang (Zhongshan University)
The one-day workshop was held at the Department of Anthropology on 14 July 2008.
2007 International Conference on “Tourism and Indigenous People/Minorities in Multi-cultural Societies” (Yunnan_dec07.doc)
2007 International Conference on “Heritage Conservation and Prehistoric Archaeology of South China ” jointly organized with Antiquities and Monuments Office, LCSD, HKSAR (SouthChina_dec07.doc)
2007 The 10th Symposium on Chinese Dietary Culture: Chinese Food in Southeast Asia (Food_SEA2007.doc)
2006 Society for East Asian Anthropology, American Anthropological Association Conference 2006: East Asian Anthropology/Anthropology in East Asia (Website)

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