1st Prize Ecomuseum as a Strategy: An Anthropological Study on Urban Redevelopment and Preservation in To Kwa Wan Pak Hiu Ching
2nd Prize Opium Processing, Usage and Trading in Hong Kong During 19th to 20th Century: Studying the Opium Containers Excavated from Archaeological Sites Chan Lok Yi
3rd Prize Hong Kong Sanitation Workers and Their Strategies under Uncertainty Wong Hoi Kei


1st Prize Periphery of the Periphery: Liberal Chinese Students’ Struggle between Nationalism at Home and the Anti-Extradition Movement in Hong Kong Ma Yau Ka, Carol
2nd Prize In the Divides: Chinese migrant activisms in Hong Kong Deng Xiaoyi
3rd Prize A Cultural Biography of Museum Objects: An Ethnographic Study on the Collections of Hong Kong Maritime Museum exhibition East Meets West: Maritime Silk Routes in the 13th – 18th Centuries Szeto Huen Ting


1st Prize SPEAKING in the Language of Memes Wai Tin Yam
2nd Prize The Authenticity of Chinese-styled Pastries in Bakery: Case of Tai Tung Bakery, Hong Kong Lee Wing Yan
3rd Prize Bicycling in Hong Kong Lee Lok Yi


1st Prize Socializing Experiences of Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong Wong Nga Yung
2nd Prize Globalised Queer: Interracial Intimacy in the Korean Gay Community Tsoi Kwok Kwan
3rd Prize The Local as Processes: Making Cheung Chau Island Wong Yam Ling


1st Prize Negotiating Sexual Lives among University Students in Student Hostel: Space and Identity Mok Kar Yan
2nd Prize Hakkas Who Don’t Speak Hakka: A Study of the Decline of Hakka Language in Hong Kong Chan Wai Po
3rd Prize Gender Construction of Top Female Judo athletes in HonGender Construction of Top Female Judo athletes in Hong Kongg Kong Yiu Yee Ting


1st Prize Searching for a roof: Young people’s dreams and struggle for housing Cheung Yin Nung Ingrid
2nd Prize How does the death of pets reveal people’s perspectives on life? Yiu Wan Sze Celia
3rd Prize Beyond monogamy?: Love and sex on the landscape of immorality Lee Sheung Man Eugene


1st Prize Volunteer Work – Who Does It Really Help? Cheung Shuk Ching Salina
2nd Prize Rethinking “Helping Others”: Homelessness & Youth Activism Yuen Ka Sin Claudia
3rd Prize A comparative study of university museum,
the Nicholson Museum of the University of Sydney and
the Art Museum of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lam Ka Ki Kiki


1st Prize Rethinking Sanitation Workers in Hong Kong Leung Sen
2nd Prize Heroes of the Night: DJs and electronic dance music in Hong Kong  Young Mei Ling
3rd Prize Left-handers: The Hidden Minority Tong Dik Wai


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