The PhD programme does not have any course requirements aside from the requirement to register for one course per semester. Students who have not studied for their MPhil at CUHK will be required to take ANTH 6010 and 6020. Students are required to pass written qualifying examinations in three areas.

Study Scheme

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In Programme Information
Academic Career = RPG
Faculty = Art
Academic Program = Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology

Teaching Timetable 2021–22

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Term = 2021–22 Term 1 or Term 2
Academic Career = Postgraduate Research
Course Offering Dept = ANTHV



Course Title


ANTH 5230

Seminars in Hong Kong Studies 香港研究研討 (updated 5/1/2021)


ANTH 5250

Seminars in the Anthropology of China I 中國人類學研究研討 I (updated 5/2/2021)


ANTH 5251

Seminars in the Anthropology of China II 中國人類學研究研討 II (updated 4/9/2018)


ANTH 6010

Seminars in Anthropological Theory 人類學理論專題研究 (updated 8/9/2021)


ANTH 6020

Seminars in Research Methods 研究方法專題研究 (updated 12/1/2021)


ANTH 6300-6312

Directed Studies 指導研究


ANTH 6410

Thesis Writing Seminars I 論文寫作專題 I


ANTH 6411

Thesis Writing Seminars II 論文寫作專題 II


ANTH 7300-7312

Directed Studies 指導研究


ANTH 8410

Thesis in Progress 論文研究


(Last update: 2 August 2020)

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