From psychiatrist to anthropologist

17 May 2022

“From psychiatrist to anthropologist” with Hsuan-Ying Huang

Assistant Professor in the CUHK Department of Anthropology Dr. Hsuan-Ying Huang describes himself as “one psychiatrist and half an anthropologist”. He obtained an M.D. from National Taiwan University in 2003 and a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Harvard University in 2013. Huang emphasizes the importance of looking at medical systems and practices from a cultural and social point of view. In this episode, we will talk about his research on ‘psycho-boom’ in China, as well as how he traverses between disciplines.

(This episode is conducted in Putonghua.)


00’50 Discovering anthropology through ethnomusicology

13’23 From psychiatrist to anthropologist, researching on ‘psycho-boom’ in China

33’44 The multiple possibilities of psychotherapy

40’59 Teaching medical anthropology and its future

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