Anthropology, media and social innovation

10 December 2021

“Anthropology, media and social innovation” with design researcher Ire Tsui

Anthropology emphasizes the importance of observing, analyzing and articulating the culture and life of people who are very different from ourselves. Design researcher Ire Tsui, who graduated from the MA programme of CUHK Anthropology, applied anthropological training and way of thinking to her work in media and design research. Ire worked as managing editor for Ming Pao Weekly before founding design research studio Talking Hands and becoming a member of Enable Foundation. She is currently focusing on curatorial and research projects related to aging and dementia. In this episode, Ire will share how anthropology and design research can be blended creatively to truly meet the needs of the society and its people.

(This episode is conducted in Cantonese.)


01’00 From design to anthropology

11’05 How to ask the right question?

15’57 The study on aging and ‘Fine Dying’?

26’15 From dementia-friendly to dementia-freely

46’02 Why does anthropology matter?

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