Medical plurality and Indian communities in Hong Kong

13 February 2022

‘Medical plurality and Indian communities in Hong Kong’ with Venera R. Khalikova

Dr. Venera R. Khalikova, lecturer in the CUHK Department  of Anthropology, has studied anthropology in India and Russia before acquiring her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She specializes in the cultural politics of medical plurality, nationalist discourse, body practices, and consumption with a focus on South Asia and the Himalayan region. In this episode, Venera shares her trajectory in anthropology, the meaning of medical pluralism in India, and her current research on Indian communities in Hong Kong. For her, “anthropology gives hope and teaches you to be kind”.

(This episode is conducted in English.)

1’18 Different approaches of studying and teaching anthropology 

17’22 From extreme sports in Russia to medical anthropology in India 

31’57 Medical pluralism in India 

48’59 Indian communities in Hong Kong and the value of anthropology

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