Students and Alumni
LIN Zhenru, Jacqueline

B.A. in Business Administration, CUHK, 2014
Home town: Guangxi, China
Email: lingxiaopy’at’gmail.com

Anthropology is my favourite subject because it allows me to keep an open mind to diversity and to respect each individual. We listen to the minority and the marginal, appreciate the differences and disagreements, and try to understand the people from their native point of view. Anthropology paints vivid pictures of people’s lives and their social relationship, which encourages me to sense life with an exquisite heart and a more nuanced view.

I am interested in gender which is one of the most significant identities for everyone in our daily and social life. My current research interests are mainly on female migrants and KMT soldiers in Mainland China. I would like to know more about female individuals’ experience in various social and historical contexts by applying the theories from gender studies and feminism in my study. To understand their lives better and to make their voices and stories be heard, continual and deep interaction with them is the most important part in my research.

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