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Europe Cultural Exchange Tour

Our Programme is organizing a Europe Cultural Exchange Tour with the focus on Art & History on 9-19 May 2020, which will be led by Prof. Pedith Chan. During the tour, students will be offered the opportunities to broadening their professional and cultural horizons as they will be offering chances to apply the knowledge gained in CUMT courses to situations outside Hong Kong, and enhancing their professionalism in the management of cultural institutions and heritage preservation through direct study of how this is done in Berlin and Prague.

Designed thematically, the itinerary includes visiting world-class museums, theatres and heritage sites in Berlin and Prague, such as Jewish Museum (Berlin), Topography or Terror (Berlin), The Pergamon Museum (Berlin), The House of World Culture (Berlin), National Library (Prague), Museum of Decorative Arts (Prague), Castle Vysehrad (Prague), Mucha Museum (Prague), Prague Castle (Prague), etc. During the tour, students will also be provided with opportunities to interact with experts from famous cultural and heritage establishments in Berlin and Prague so as to stimulate new ways of thinking about art, culture and heritage, which will be of significant benefit to students of Cultural Management.

Berlin and Prague, Europe

Date: 9 May 2020 (Sat) - 19 May 2020 (Tue)