Minor Program in Curation and Artistic Strategies (CASM)

The art world is constructed through a network of interactions between individuals and institutions, all of which participate in contributing to the wider ecosystem. In recent years, the dynamic landscape of the art world has opened up new ways to create, display and interact with art, informing diverse practices that broaden joint and reciprocal undertakings between artists, cultural managers, and curators. Under such circumstances, there is a growing demand for artists to conceive their projects with a view towards curatorial knowledge. At the same time, the role of the cultural manager is not only a behind-the-scene administrator, but increasingly regarded as a subject specialist, and as someone who plays an active role in cultural mediation. This phenomenon has not only fostered collaborations across the different roles of art production and dissemination, but also reflects the interdisciplinary nature of fine art and cultural management.

Minor Program in Curating and Artistic Strategies cuts across a variety of topics within the fields of fine art and cultural management. It provides an interdisciplinary approach for students to develop curatorial skills and critically apply knowledge conducive to both theoretical and creative outcomes. Students will study how culture is understood through exhibition and curating, in conjunction with examinations of visual arts management, art history, community art, artistic productions, and knowledge of contemporary art through core and elective courses. These courses are designed to build students’ skills and knowledge concerning recent curatorial practices and artistic strategies, with the goal of fostering engagement with a broad spectrum of theoretical and real-world experiences across varied institutional settings. 

This Minor Programme aims to provide students with both theoretical and hands-on experience in exhibition curation and engages students in a broad spectrum of knowledge, including visual arts 3 of 4 management, art history, community art, artistic productions, and contemporary art practices. It is designed to prepare students for future curatorial and artistic projects/jobs.

Study Schemes