Phillip THEBE
Phillip THEBE

PhD Candidate

Educational qualification Advanced Master of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium, 2018
MSC Development Studies, National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe, 2016
Post Graduate Diploma in Development Studies, National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe, 2014
BA in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies, Solusi University Zimbabwe, 2012
Home town Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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I am a Development specialist and researcher that has served in various capacities within the academia and NGOs. My keen research interests encompass inter alia Development research; Rural and Urban Development/Poverty; Civil Society; Governance; Peace, Conflict, Post Colonialism; Migration and the Family; Entrepreneurship and Street Studies; Urban and Political Anthropology as well as Cultural Ecology and Sustainable Development.

I have conducted studies on (i) Street Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe; (ii) Dynamics of Feminization of Migration in Zimbabwe; (iii) Imaginations, Liminality and Diasporic Livability; (iv) Growfunded Projects and their Contributions to the Social Tissue of Historical Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium; and (iv) Effectiveness of Community Service as a Rehabilitation Method in Zimbabwe among many others.

I exhibit significant research potential that previously lent me into a scholarship to study in Europe, and now in Hong Kong and have articles published and awaiting publication. I have also remained in touch with the academics as a teaching/research professional at Solusi University where I taught various courses related to Development, Peace and Conflict Studies.

My present research exploits involve an inquiry on Africans and Race in China, which offers fresh insights away from oversaturated scholarship on western related race and racism. I am specifically seeking to indulge in a comparative excursion of two global cities namely: Hong Kong and Guangzhou on Africans’ experiences, meaning schemas and perspectives on race and racialization and their subsequent adaptation, resistance and coping mechanisms in the face of a plethora of global opportunities in China.

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