Programme Announcement

Programme Announcement

[New Course Info] CUMT 3009 Interpreting Chinese Antiquities — Term 2, 2020-21

This course investigates the art, archaeology and material culture of ancient China from the prehistory to the Medieval period. Geographical coverage uses today’s China as a point of departure, but its scope also extends to the rest of the world, especially ancient Japan and Korea. In the course students are expected to “think big,” and view art as history, with each artwork preserving a moment in art’s own history. Through the artistic developments students will also gain an understanding of the related political and sociocultural transformations behind.

With NO pre-requisite, this course will also invite guest speakers from other universities discussing the study of material culture with innovative modern technology. During the Covid-19 pandemic, fieldwork to museums or galleries would be challenging, but a series of tours to virtual exhibitions will be guided by the instructor for you to travel across time and space. This course will ask you to be the detective of ancient societies, and study the past of China from the perspectives of archaeology, art history, history, and cultural management.

Time : Tue 12:30 – 15:15
Zoom Meeting ID : 652 663 6964(This ID will be used for first three weeks)
Course Instructor : Prof. PENG Peng
Language of Instruction : Putonghua and English

2020-21 Term 2 CUMT course schedule


因應疫情關係,本辦事處將暫時關閉。如有查詢,請電郵至或致電3943 3943留言。不便之處,敬請原諒 。

[New Course Info] CUMT 4101 Special Topics in Cultural Management (Film appreciation and film curatorship) — Term 2, 2020-21

This course is an introduction to the elements of film language and aesthetics as well as an examination of film as a powerful art form and cultural phenomenon. It also offers a historical, intellectual and conceptual understanding of film festival and curatorial practice. The students will learn about the various film festivals and events in Hong Kong.  Through the lectures, screenings, combination of individual and group work you will learn how to integrate theoretical knowledge and critical thinking with professional skills, such as creative collaboration, funding, programming, establishing industry links, sourcing films, promotion and communicating with diverse audiences.

About Mr. Vincent CHUI

Graduated from Communications Arts Department of Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. Started his career in Hong Kong Broadcast Television Company. He’s been working in the independent field since 1993. Founded Ying E Chi, a Hong Kong Independent film Collective, with the fellow independent filmmakers to promote and distribute their films in the 1997. Now the artistic director of the above organization and has been curating the Hong Kong independent film festival since 2011. Made his first feature Leaving in Sorrow in 2001.  The second feature Fear of Intimacy was selected in competition category in Moscow International Film Festival, 2004. The most recent film was Fig(2013). In recent years, he has produced two documentary films Yellowingand Lost in the Fumes.

Time : To be Confirmed
Venue : To be Confirmed
Course Instructor : Mr. Vincent CHUI
Language of Instruction : Cantonese

[New Course Info] CUMT 3004 Public and Community Art — Term 2, 2020-21

Working in public sphere becomes an important trendy practice of contemporary art starting from the mid 90’s, artists of new generation are getting more interests in conceiving their work in public sphere, instead of private studio and gallery, where art was normally produced and displayed. 

Practice of art in public sphere has changed the rules of games in art making, artist needs to take into consideration of being responsible to the others, how to work with others, especially with those who doesn’t necessarily has compassion in art. When artists consider themselves as the stakeholder in the society, the definition and function of art expand and change considerably, resulting the changes in media, techniques and purposes.

 The course will touch on two main focuses: 

1) How artist engages community and produce values

2) Institutional operation of public art


Course Instructor : Prof. CHAN Yuk Keung Kurt
Language of Instruction : Cantonese and English
Time & Venue : To be Confirmed

[New Course Info] CUMT 2010 Music, Culture and Outreach — Term 2, 2020-21

With appreciating and an analysis of a wide spectrum of musical genres and major masterpieces throughout the history of music as an entry point, and through a critical review of the contemporary trends and issues of outreach and education in music, the course seeks to explore:

  • What are the major landmarks in the history of music? How do they provide different perspectives on the development of culture, society, and music?
  • What is “educated listener”? How to nurture educated audience in music?
  • Is music a powerful means in the phenomenon of human development, in terms of cognitive development, social-emotional wellbeing, neuroscience, aesthetics, creativity, self-esteem, overall academic achievement, etc.?
  • What are the new ideas and current trends in outreach and music education?
  • What are the contemporary theories, practices, and pedagogies of music education that inform the formulation of strategies for achieving a wide range of musical and non-musical outcomes?
  • How do performing arts organizations’ outreach programmes reflect their keen efforts in engaging with the community, publicizing the arts, and nurturing talents?

The above will be discussed through lectures, music listening and analysis, guest sharing, and other experiential learning experiences.

Course Instructor : Prof. Fanny Chung
Language of Instruction : Cantonese and English
Time & Venue : To be Confirmed