Programme Announcement

Programme Announcement

[New Course info] CUMT4004 Archaeology and Modern Applications — 2nd term, 2022-23

Archaeology is an intriguing topic. In this course, students are led to analyze the presentation of Chinese archaeological materials in different modern forms, which are namely, world heritage sites, archaeological parks (e.g., Erlitou二里頭, Panlongcheng盤龍城, Yinxu殷墟, and Sanxingdui三星堆), auction houses (Christie’s佳士得, Sotheby’s蘇富比, and Jiade嘉德), antique shops (e.g., those in the Hollywood Road荷李活道), site museums as well as movies, novels, documentary films, and multi-disciplinary initiatives (e.g., the projects on Xia-Shang-Zhou chronology夏商周斷代工程 and the origins of Chinese civilization中華文明探源工程). Each class picks up a representative topic and a form of modern expression for discussions. With NO pre-requisite, this course invites you to be Sherlock Holmes of the past. From the perspectives of archaeology, art history, history, and cultural management, it is tailored to cross disciplinary boundaries between heritage and contemporary issues. Parallel case studies from other fields of study (e.g., the Trojan Archaeology特洛伊考古 and Biblical Archaeology 聖經考古) will also be included for certain related topics. The course will get students to apply the designs and innovations of ancient China to areas, which they may find interests that will eventually get in touch with the wide public.

Time : Wed 12:30 – 15:15
Venue : William M W Mong Eng Bldg 706
Medium of instruction : English and Putonghua
Course Instructor : Prof. Peng Peng

[New Course info] CUMT4101 Special Topics in Antiquities and Heritage Management — 2nd term, 2022-23



Time : Mon 12:30 – 15:15
Venue : Li Dak Sum Bldg 218
Medium of instruction : English and Cantonese
Course Instructor : Prof. CHAN Sau Yan

[New Course info] CUMT3003 New Media Arts Management — 2nd term, 2022-23

The course aims to provide basic introduction of media arts management to the students, enhance their knowledge towards the understandings of the art and cultural environment in Hong Kong based on the global media arts development. The objective is to introduce the importance of how management skills could be applied in creative industries, and how the management processes enhance a media art project from curatorial idea to execution. The course will also provide an overall picture to the students about the current media arts global scene and serve as a basic foundation to enhance their understandings and interest in the arts and cultural field.

Joel Kwong is an international media art curator, writer, producer and educator based in Hong Kong. She is currently the Programme Director for Microwave International
New Media Arts Festival (, and the founder of SIBYLS – a creative Arts x Tech consultation and production agency. Joel has a strong belief in art and technology, and her curated projects have been shown in many different cities around the globe; most recent projects includes Future Media Art Festival in Taiwan, Microwave Festival edition 2021, Glow Shenzhen online media art showcase “Fireflies: The Glowing Dots”, Connecting the Dots – a media art archaeology online exhibition & website etc.

Time : Wed 15:30 – 18:15
Venue : Y.C. Liang Hall G06
Medium of instruction : Cantonese
Course Instructor : Ms. Joel KWONG

[New Course info] CUMT3002 Performing Arts Management — 2nd term, 2022-23

The theoretical insights and professional practice skills of performing arts management would be combined and presented in the course.
In this course, you will cover key performing arts management concepts such as:

• Definition of performance and performing arts
• The creation of performance
• Managing performing arts organisations and cultural businesses
• Funding systems and fundraising
• Creativity and marketing
• Audience development and audience evaluation
• Contemporary performances and art-technology
• Cultural policy and critical thinking

You will learn and finish the creative and interactive projects about fundraising, art proposals and the critical discussions in the presentation and the project/ essay.

Mr. Wai-ki CHAN (Felix)  M.A. (Goldsmiths University of London, UK)

Felix Chan holds the Master Degree in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship – Theatre & Performance Pathway, Goldsmiths University of London. He is a part-time lecturer in the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University since 2019. He is an experienced art curator and producer who have worked with the theatre and film companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan since 2008. Founded FELIXISM CREATION, a cross-discipline creative enterprise in theatre, art-tech, critical writing and illustration. He focuses on multi-cultural, technological, political and immersive theatre, dance and independent film performances.

He is an experienced art critic and had the award of Young Artist (Critic), Hong Kong Art Development Awards (2015) by Hong Kong Development Council.

Time : Tue 09:30 – 12:15
Venue : Y.C. Liang Hall G03
Course Instructor : Mr. Felix Chan
Language of Instruction : Cantonese and English

[New Course info] CUMT2005 Management of Public and Non-profit Cultural Organization — 2nd term, 2022-23

Hong Kong and countries all over the world, or indeed most developed countries and some developing countries, both their public and the private sectors, invest a lot of resources in developing art and culture with a view to enhancing its citizens’ life and developing their countries’ cultural economy. Hence, it is essential for such countries to have adequate and able human resource to manage either the public or the private non-profit cultural organizations. This course aims to equip students with knowledge and skills for managing such organizations. They would learn the different management functions and skills to interact effectively with different stakeholders in the art ecology whereby art making, art promoting, art seeing, art selling, art financing, art archiving and art learning are all interwoven into a colourful tapestry making a city culturally rich and vibrant.

Ms. May Fung
Independent Art & Cultural Worker
Master of Art (Human Resource Management), McQuarie University, Australia
Chair, Art & Culture Outreach
Expert Adviser for the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme under the Advisory Committee on Arts Development (ACAD) of the Home Affairs Bureau
Assessor, Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Advisor, Leisure & Cultural Services Department
Video Artist

Time : Thur 12:30 – 15:15
Venue : William M W Mong Eng Bldg 703
Course Instructor : Ms. May Fung
Language of Instruction : Cantonese and English

[NEW MINOR PROG] Minor programme in Curation and Artistic Strategies

We are pleased to announce that a Minor programme in Curation and Artistic Strategies would be offered starting from the academic year 2021 – 22. The programme is co-organized by the BA Programme in Cultural Management and the Department of Fine Arts. Students admitted in 2018-19 and thereafter are eligible to take this minor programme.

For more detailed information and the study scheme, you are encouraged to visit our website